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USB Cufflinks Keeps Cuffs In Place, Stores Your Data

USB Cufflinks


Keep your cuffs in place and data secure with these USB cufflinks. You’ll literally have two gigabytes of storage within reach at a moment’s notice. The cufflinks are sleek, discrete, and classic, so they go with just about anything. When you need to share a file, save something, or transfer some documents, just pull the top part out to reveal the USB drive.

Each one has a capacity of two gigabytes, giving you a total of four gigs when you’re wearing the pair. The USB cufflinks are available online for about $195.

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KARV Sustainable Wooden Cufflinks Are Awesome


If you’re looking to stand out, look no further than KARV’s wooden cufflinks. Each pair is handmade from sustainably harvested mahogany, by artisans in Peru. KARV puts an emphasis on craftsmanship, ensuring that each cufflink adheres to high fabrication standards while still exhibiting the individual markings of a truly handmade product. Finishes comes in a natural or ebony look, and there are skull, knot, lion, and stud configurations. A pair will set you back $70 for the studs, and $115 any of the others. That may seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind that a good portion of each sale goes directly to the artisan that created the cufflinks, allowing artists to thrive in a time where mass production techniques have all but eliminated the need for their existence.

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Cufflinks Feature Handcuff Key

If you’re in handcuffs, there’s a chance you’re in them for a good reason and trying to get out of them may end up getting you shot. So, don’t be breaking the law, yeah? But if, let’s say, you’re in cuffs for more benign reasons and want to get out of them, the Sparrows Uncuff Link will help you to freedom. It features a key in one of the pivoting arms that allegedly opens pretty much all Standard Hand cuffs. Of course the act of reaching for them with your hands tied behind your back requires some dexterity, but there you have it. At least you know you can pull some James Bond-like stuff next time the need arises.


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Fancy Cufflinks Use Push Button Actuation

The cufflink has been around for a long time, but it hasn’t really seen much change in its design throughout those years. Why would it, since it works just fine? But it’s not a stable design with no actual need for improvement that’s going to stop anyone from trying. Since 2001, Richard Mille has been making some fancy watches with exotic new materials, and now he’s announcing a set of cufflinks to complement his elegant line of timepieces. The Richard Mille Cufflinks feature 38 components!

Made from grade 5 titanium, they inaugurate a groundbreaking and patented mechanism that opens the bars using push-pieces. Unlike the classic mechanism, where a pivoting bar on the cufflink holds the double cuff in place, Richard Mille’s design fastens the cuff using two titanium bars. These open with a simple press of the push-pieces and close by pressing on the top plate.

Yeah, the only reason we can think of for adding complexity to any design is to justify its sale at outrageous prices. In this case, there’s been no announcement regarding how much they’ll set a prospective buyer back, but you can be sure that it’s the sort of item that if you need to ask, you can’t afford.

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‘Tis A Space Invaders Wallet And Cufflinks Set

We’re not going to try and fool anyone into thinking this is a classy set of things. It’s Space Invaders, for crying out loud. But we do believe there’s enough folk that are passionate about retro gaming who might get a kick out of these cufflinks and wallet.

They’re $25.

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Glowing Cufflinks For The Dapper Geek

By David Ponce

Unfortunate as some of us may find it and Silicon Valley influence notwithstanding, there are still plenty of occasions that call for formal dressing. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your root behind. You can let some of your true geek fred shiny through by using the above iCufflinks. They’re made out of machined aluminum and are stuffed with a tiny circuit board and an LED and a battery. Put the battery in and they’ll start pulsating to a certain pattern. The best part is that it’s an open source system, meaning you can reprogram the pattern and have it be anything you want. Maybe you can set them to signal SOS in morse code to express your discomfort and dismay at being clothed in such an unbecoming attire. The CR1220 battery should last up to 72 hours, so you won’t run out of juice mid party.

They’re $128 at Thinkgeek.

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