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Til Death Do Us Part: Bride of Chucky Wedding Cake

Bride of Chucky Cake

Some love stories end happily ever after while others eventually (and unfortunately) become horror stories. Let’s just hope the wedding cake the couple chose won’t be indicative of the kind of marriage they’ll have, as in the case of the newlyweds who had the Little Cherry Cake Company make them a Bride of Chucky wedding cake.

It’s bloody, horrific, and all sorts of scary, with Chucky and his bride sitting on top of three tiers of cake. Hit the break for another view of the cake and close-up views of the details.

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Freakishly Cool Monster Light Switch Plates Will Make You Afraid of the Dark

Gross Light Switch Plate

These monstrous light switch plates look disgusting enough in the light. Imagine how much creepier they’ll look to an unsuspecting victim person in the dark. Dressing up the switch plates for your lights isn’t anything new (remember the Power Up Arcade Light Switch we covered over a month ago?), but to say that these monster plates will add to the beauty of your home is an understatement. Or that could be an outright lie, depending on your taste and preferences.

These light switch plates are made from polymer clay and each features a unique mash-up of random monster and human body parts that will make any faint-hearted person queasy. The random boils and pus-filled bumps don’t help, either. Check out more variations of the monstrous light switch plates after the jump.

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Creepy Freddy Krueger Toilet Tank Cover Will Give You Nightmares

Freddy Krueger Toilet Cover

As if going to the bathroom at night isn’t scary enough (especially for those who are still afraid of the dark), a bunch of horror-loving folks have come up with this absolutely horrifying Freddy Krueger toilet tank cover. It’s made to cover the toilet tank in its entirety, complete with a sinister Freddy Kruger mask and gloves that look dangerously sharp.

Obviously, this would be great to scare the little girls (both figuratively and literally) in your house, but it’s probably not a very good prank to pull if you want to live a long and fruitful life.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]