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Lame: Sony Charging $50 NOT To Put Crapware On Your New Laptop

Sony Crapware

By Evan Ackerman

Sick of all that crapware that inevitably shows up on new computers? Good news! Sony is taking steps to make sure that your expensive new system arrives clean, pristine, and free of useless junk. After all, doing so will “free up valuable hard drive space and conserve memory and processing power while maximizing overall system performance right from the start,” according to Sony. Brilliant! And how is Sony going to make your computing experience so much better? Easy! You pay them $50, and they won’t install all those stupid free trials and game demos and crap. Hey, thanks Sony!

[ UPDATE: Sony reacts to widespread online outrage by scrapping the $50 fee and offering the option to remove the crapware for free, as long as you upgrade to Vista Business.]

VIA [ Engadget ]

FPSBrain – I Guess It’s Like Viagra For Gamers

FPSBrain By Luke Anderson

I’m a gamer, and proud of it. I remember back in the day where there were only two kinds of gamers. Those that drank Mountain Dew, and those that drank Jolt Cola. I’ve been a Dew drinker since before I can remember, and will likely always be that way. (Hey Pepsi, what do you say to slipping me a few bucks for that wonderful endorsement?) These days you’ve got dozens of different power drinks for gamers to choose from, but what about pills to pop? Sure, they’ve got caffeine pills and such, but anyone can use those. We need something just for the gamers, specifically the hardcore FPS players.

I’m not making this up, I swear. These guys in Germany have developed the FPSBrain, which is a pill designed for FPS players, by FPS players. It contains “only ingredients that have been tested and are approved in Germany” (which is mostly consisting of vitamins and caffeine).

Personally, I don’t see this stuff actually helping your game any. Besides, if you need to take some wacky pill to get your Halo on, you’ve got bigger issues. Me, I’ll just stick to my Mountain Dew (seriously Pepsi, that’s twice in one article, you know I’m good for it!) mostly because I have issues taking any pills, let alone some strange concoction to improve my game.

[ FPSBrain ] VIA [ Wonderland ]

Thermochromatic Toilet Seat Warns Of Recent Use

Thermochromatic Toilet Seat

By Luke Anderson

How many times have you sat down on the toilet, only to find that it’s still warm from the last person that spent some time upon the throne? It doesn’t really creep me out as much as it does other people. If you’re one that doesn’t like a warm seat, you might like this amusing product.

The Thermochromatic Toilet Seat will change color when someone parks their rear upon it. The color changes depending on how warm it gets, you can then use this to gauge how long it’s been since the seat was vacated. If you’re creeped out by a warm seat, just look for any discoloration and decide just how badly you have to go.

[ Ubergizmo ] VIA [ PlusMinus ]

Black Hole Bag – For The Paranoid Talker

Black Hole Bag

By Luke Anderson

I’m not what you’d call a paranoid guy. Sure, there are things I worry about, but I generally don’t buy into most conspiracy theories. That’s why I’ve never really worried about the government activating my cell phone and listening into my conversations. However, I do know a few people that are convinced that someone is “out to get them.” This gadget is for those sorts of people.

The Black Hole Phone Bag is a simple pouch that completely blocks all incoming and outgoing transmissions from your mobile phone. I’m pretty much content with just turning off my phone. If I’m meeting my friends in the mob to arrange the purchase of bootleg DVDs on the black market, I’ll even go as far as to take out the battery. If you’re in need of an extra layer of protection, you can pick up one of these for just $12.

[Brando] VIA [CrunchGear]

Magic Idea Laptop Cooling Fan Cools Laptops, Maybe Worships Satan?


By Ryan Nill

The Magic Idea Laptop USB Cooling Fan attaches to the side of your laptop where, utilizing eldritch magics, it begins to cool your laptop. Weighing in at only 60 grams, the Magic Idea Laptop USB Cooling Fan is apparently the “World’s first Patened (sic) NB Air Extracting Fan.” Besides removing all that narc-y hot air slowing down your box, this cooling fan features “Pentacle exterior designs,” which “offer a mysterious touch of the product.” While it does come with spinning LED light decorations, the blood of innocents and your standard wailing portal to the darkest abysses of Stygia are both sold separately.

Available for an undisclosed price (…souls?) from “Hongkong WinWin Industry Co,.Ltd.”

[ WinWin Industry ] VIA [ Red Ferret ]