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So… There’s a Cat Paw Scented Handcream, and A… Back-of-a-cat-head Perfume


Look, we’re not saying that weird stuff comes out of Japan, it’s just that… weird stuff does tend to come out of Japan. Of course, maybe it’s just weird to us, whereas any native Japanese person won’t even blink at the mention of a Cat Paw Scented Handcream, or a Back-Of-A-Cat’s-Head Perfume. Whatever the cultural observation to be made on the existence of this product, the fact remains that it appears to be real. It’s hard to tell what’s really going on from a translated page, but it seems that the hand cream contains cosmetic industry buzzword components, like hyaluronic acid and collagen and has been specially formulated to recreate a pleasant version of the scent found in cat paws. Same story for the perfume, though it seems to be the kind that you spray on fabric. The hand cream costs in the vicinity of $10, while the perfume is closer to $23.


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This Lip Gloss Can Easily Be Used In The Dark


Compact mirrors have been a staple of women’s makeup arsenal forever. But they may be on the way out thanks to smartphones, and now products like the Kelly Teegarden Organics lip gloss. Each tube has a strong LED in the cap, and a mirror on the side of the body, making it easy to apply in total darkness. The lip gloss itself is made from all-natural ingredients, which might be a selling point for some. But we’re just impressed with its lip-lighting abilities. It’s a cheap and simple addition to an established product that is sure to come in handy on your ext night out on the town. There are 15 colors, and each one is $20.


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Futae Compass Eyelid Brush Gives You Two Eyelids, Seems Like It Might Run Into Some Issues

By David Ponce

In several asian cultures, a double eyelid is desirable. In Japan this is called “Futae” and is an eyelid that more closely resembles Caucasian eyes, rather than the more-common-among-Asians single eyelid. There’s a few ways to achieve this look, with some resorting the the rather serious East Asian Blepharoplasty, a cosmetic procedure meant to surgically create the missing fold. Others simply draw it on, and the Futae Compass Eyelid Brush is meant to help in this endeavour. Place one end of the tool right on your cheek and a small sponge-like wheel on the other end will create a perfect line right across your lid. Sounds great in principle. We’d like to think that not every person of Asian descent has a perfectly semi-circular lid, nor an eye of the same size. But hey, for $63 you can order the thing and see if it works for you.

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