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Corsair Flash Padlock 2 Secure Flash Drive Reviewed. Verdict: Hurray for Hardened Security

By Ian Chiu

Some time ago, Corsair debuted their numeric padlock flash drive that allowed end users to unlock the storage by entering a four to ten digit PIN code. The obvious advantage of this implementation is to bypass software altogether, easily making it cross-platform friendly. However, the original version was hacked effortlessly by a group of dutch engineers armed with a simple 10K resistor.

To regain trust among consumers and lost reputation, Corsair is now back with Flash Padlock 2, and this time, the company didn’t take any chance by equipping the drive with 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Corsair also covers the components with epoxy compound to make it tamperproof; otherwise, the PCB would be exposed and likely be prone to hacking. In the performance department, you can expect the secure flash drive to hover around 17MB/s during read and 8MB/s during write. The Flash Padlock 2 is a bit weak in terms of small file write though, and it only comes in 8GB. Read on for the full review to check out all the extra security measures Corsair implemented to make drive safer.

[ Full Review @ Everything USB ]

Corsair Shrinks The Flash Voyager

By Luke Anderson

I rather like those tiny USB drives that are only as big as is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately I tend to worry that I will either break or lose them. However, this new Flash Voyager Mini seems combines the rugged look and feel of their Voyager line with the tiniest of flash drives.

Essentially you have a tiny 4GB flash drive encased in rubber and set on a slider. Just move the button forward when you need to plug it in, and backward when not in use. It’s the perfect size to use as a keychain without really getting in the way. You can pick one up for just $29.99.

[ Corsair ] VIA [ EverythingUSB ]

Corsair Launches Flash Padlock USB Drive

Corsair Flash Padlock (Image via Corsair)
by Shane McGlaun

Corsair launched their newest flash drive this week called the Flash Padlock. The drive is available in a 1GB capacity for $29.99 and a 2GB capacity for $39.99. Those are both pretty mundane amounts of storage these days, but the Flash Padlock offers a feature you won’t see elsewhere.

The front of the drive has a five button keypad that allows you to set your own, custom pin number of up to ten digits long. A hardware-enabled auto-lock function secures the drive each time you unplug it from your PC once you choose a pin number.

Once the drive is secure the data on the drive can’t be accessed unless you know the pin number. The drive won’t even be recognized by Windows when plugged into a computer without entering the pin number. No software is required on the attached computer for the Flash Padlock to work and it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

VIA [ Corsair ]