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Rollie Eggmaster Makes Egg Tubes On Sticks

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.11.14 AM

Breakfast got you stumped? The Rollie Eggmaster turns the difficult task of… cooking eggs into one that’s as simple as making a toast. Simply crack your eggs right into its cylindrical non-stick container, press a button and wait for your fully cooked egg creation to, uh, rise out of there. There’s a heating element inside that cooks your eggs, and a mechanical ejector that pushes the contents out when ready. Like any self-respecting infomercial-grade product, the Rollie Eggmaster actually looks like something we might enjoy around the office… once we get past everything looking a little like turds. Because when you think about it, it’s kind of genius. You can eat your eggs on a stick, which is great when you’re running out the door and can’t sit for breakfast. Or you can make other things like burritos, or pizza rolls. We’re… we’re getting the credit card as we type these words. It’s $30!

Bonus: tons of giggles at the rising-boner appearance of the egg products as they eject slowly.

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This… Now This Is A Meat Tenderizer

Tenderizing tough cuts usually means going at them with a mallet. It’s fun, really. We do think that you shouldn’t be buying tough cuts in the first place, but hey, sometimes options are limited and better make the best of a bad situation. But if you’re going to tenderize, then tenderize with this instead. Looking like a torture device, the Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer features a series of sharp, etched blades that will make quick work of any tough meat. Just rock it back and forth a few times over your cut to break down and soften the fibers of even the toughest meats. Just… don’t do it too much or you might end up with ground meat instead. It’s dishwasher safe, costs $20 and comes in two red or black.

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Smart Apron Automatically Alerts the Gang When the Grub’s Ready

Smart Apron

My friends and I have this thing where we take turns hosting dinners at our houses. I think most of us can relate that the most annoying thing is when someone keeps popping into the kitchen to ask if dinner’s ready because they’re starving. Something that can help along these lines is the Smart Apron.

It’s basically an apron that lets people know when you’ve started cooking and when you’re already finished, as signaled by when you put the apron and when you take it off. The Smart Apron makes use of wireless XBee radios hooked to Lilypad Arduinos to alert diners on the status of dinner (or lunch) by sending notifications to smartphones, tablets, or desktops that are following the cook’s progress.

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Can A Microwave Make Decent Chips?

We love chips. Maybe not as much as Oprah loves chips, but we do love ‘em . We just don’t like the oil as much, even if that is where all the flavour lives. Still, we eat them in moderation, so we’re a little intrigued by the above chip maker.

Simply slice potatoes using the included mandoline slicer, arrange the slices on the cooking trays, and insert the trays into a microwave. The patented silicone trays create convection heat that produces perfectly cooked chips in minutes without using a drop of oil.

One reviewer on the Hammacher website said that the resulting chips were crispy indeed, but tasted more “potato-like” and “less oily.” And that it was a taste that “needed getting used to”. We’re not sure if that’s a polite way to say they tasted awful, but he did give the item a 4/5 rating. There’s three trays, so you can cook about 30 chips at once, or just about enough for a small snack. It’s $59, which isn’t exactly cheap, so we hope you’re really into low-fat cooking if you plan on getting this.

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Say Byebye to Burned Fingers and Hello to Fun Cooking with Fingertongs

Finger Tongs

Have you ever felt the urge to reach out and flip that burger over with your bare fingers? Or grab that chicken wing right out of the pan once it’s golden? No? Of course you didn’t, not unless you wanted to burn yourself badly in the process. Or you might’ve–and actually did–if you had one of these Fingertongs.

They look like giant rubber duck bills or clothes pins, but they’re actually pretty nifty tongs that’ll let you flip, fry, and handle your food with control that your spatula can’t give you. They’re seven inches in length and are dishwasher safe so no extra hassles with clean-up there.

These spatulas are priced at $12.21. Pretty reasonable, if you ask me.

[ Product Page ] via [ Gadgets Matrix ]

The Nomiku Brings Sous-Vide Cooking To The Everyday User

By David Ponce

Sous-vide is becoming an increasingly popular method of cooking, though traditionally the high cost of most immersion circulators have made it hard for regular folk to do at home. Sous-vide, by the way, involves submerging plastic-wrapped food in a temperature controlled water bath for long periods of time; this preserves juices, flavours, assures perfect doneness and is a generally awesome way of cooking something. But the Nomiku device you see above wants to change all that by making the process super simple, and most of all, relatively affordable. You simply clamp the Nomiku to the side of any water-filled pot, and turn the dial at the top to the desired temperature. It is accurate to 0.2° C and will never stray from its target by more than 0.1° C. Food does’t even need to be vacuum sealed; a simple (but higher quality) ziplock bag should do. For $299 as a pre-order on Kickstarter you can be on your way to perfectly cooked food at home, with a fancy gourmet technique that will impress all your dinner guests. But order now because once it hits retail, it’ll be $359.

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Make Your Own Pizza Cones

By David Ponce

It was almost 7 years ago that we were writing about pizza cones. Back then it was a novel concept and a couple of companies were making inroads with that product. We thought it was genius and now we’re happy to report that the above kit will let you bypass the franchises altogether and make your own at home. Just roll your dough as if you were making a regular pizza and use the cutter to stamp out the shape you’ll need for the cone. Moisten the edges with water or egg, fold the dough in half, crimp the edges to seal them together and wait a few minutes. Then slip them over the molds and bake for 6 to 7 minutes. Remove from oven, fill up with toppings and bake again. And there you have it, pizza cones at home. There’s even a couple stands so you can prop your creation up and not have to have it lying there eon a plate, spilling its cheesy interior.

It’s $25.

[ Product Page ]

Flameless Grill Smoker Will Flavour Your Meats Effortlessly

By David Ponce

It’s a pretty unanimous sentiment that smoke gives your BBQ meats some delicious flavour. Some people believe in this so strongly that they go and buy expensive smokers, but there are other ways of doing things that aren’t quite as elaborate. One of these involves the above Flameless Grill Smoker. You fill it up with up to 8oz. of wood chips and place it over the flame on your BBQ grill. The wood inside will get hot enough that it will start smoking, but the s-shaped vents are too slim to allow enough oxygen to enter and start an actual flame. What you’ll end up with is a steady source of smoke and flavour for very little effort and expense. If your chips are all burned out before you’re done cooking your meats, there’s a removable 13″ handle that allows cooks to remove it from the grill to add additional wood chips.

The Flameless Grill Smoker is $40 and will start shipping on the 20th of this month.

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Your Rice Cooker Can Now Interface With A Smartphone

By David Ponce

Rice cookers are pretty important in Japan, so it’s no surprise to see manufacturers pay attention to them and bring them up to speed in terms of their technological abilities. Panasonic’s SR-SX102 is perhaps at the forefront of this trend, with the introduction of a cooker that can play nice with your smartphone. Simply wave your supported FeliCa-enabled Android phone (FeliCa is a contactless RFID technology developed by Sony Corporation) over the blue dot on the lid and you’ll be able to set the rice type, cooking type and timer. Also, the phone can then connect to Panasonic’s cooking cloud server and access up to 100 recipes.

This appears to be a Japan only affair, and if pressing buttons directly on the lid and downloading recipes off the Internet like a regular person abhors you, then you’ll have to shell out $600 and find a way to import the machine.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ CNet ]