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S’More To Love Metal Tray For Making, Well, S’Mores


The arrival of the summer isn’t a short-lived affair where one moment it’s winter, the next it’s summer, and everyone moves on. For the colder climates, it’s a drawn out period during which you appreciate the long awaited thawing out and celebrate all things summer, all the time. For example, we’re going to get all excited over stuff like the above S’More To Love metal tray for making everyone’s favorite campfire treat, the good ole S’More. The tray locks in the Graham biscuits, the marshmallow, and the chocolate, six S’Mores at a time, so that you can just place them all at once over your fire (or in the oven) and be efficient about your cooking. After all these treats are great when you’re actually eating them, not when you’re crying about how they fell into the fire and now you have to start all over again.

It’s $15.

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Hang Around Kitchen Utensils Hang On Your Pots and Pans for Added Convenience

Hang Around

Cooking is usually loads of fun, but preparation and clean-up can be a total drag. I find that half the stuff I need to wash are plates and trays where I propped various utensils like ladles and spatula on in between stirring and flipping whatever it is I’m cooking. It’s a waste of resources, but it’s either that or put the utensil on the kitchen counter, and that’s an even bigger no-no for me.

If you’re dealing with this first-world problem yourself, then you’ll be pleased to hear about he Hang Around kitchen utensils that might just eliminate this issue once and for all. Each utensil is made from wood and has a small slit by the handle, so you can perch it on the edge of the pan or pot after using it. That way, you can easily grab it when you need it again without dribbling any sauce or other foodstuff onto your counters or onto spare plates.

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Butter Grater Is Greatest Invention Ever


We like to call butter “flavour” ’round these parts. But the most frustrating part about spreading some cold hard flavour on your morning toast is how it just ends up shredding your caramelized slice of bread, and not spreading at all. It’s a first world problem, sure, but it’s one that’s elegantly solved with the above Butter Grater. Just place a cold stick of delicious flavour in there, and watch as your former toast shredder comes out in fluffy filaments, ready for some easy spreading.

It’s $23, from some Japanese vendor.


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BBQ Dragon Will Get Your Charcoal Smoldering In No Time


It’s well known that sending more oxygen to any combustion will speed it up and energize it. That’s the principle behind everything from fanning a flame, to the extra power provided by engine turbos. The BBQ Dragon pictured above is a glorified hairdryer, but one rugged enough to be clipped to the side of a BBQ and pointed at a smoldering pile of charcoal briquettes. Or wood. Or whatever natural combustible material you choose to sear your steaks with. Start it up and watch as your pile of normally slow-to-be-ready charcoal gets to optimal temperature in as little as 10 minutes. It’s battery powered, is coated in metal and has a sturdy and flexible clip and arm. This way you can accommodate grilling machines of any kind. There are three power settings, and the batteries are both rechargeable (through USB) and interchangeable (should you run out in the middle of a tailgate party).

At $50 on pre-orderon Kickstarter, the BBQ Dragon is slated for delivery in August of this year, which should still be in time to catch the tail end of the summer.

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If You Want To Take Your Slow-Cooking Off The Grid, You’re Going To Need This Insulating Bag


Throwing stuff into a slow-cooker is both a lazy and a delicious way to cook. Done right, you get some tender meats and pretty powerful flavours, but lets face it: everything is soupy and to this editor, unexciting. That’s ok, that’s how some people roll. But if you want to take your slow-cooking skills to, say, a pot-luck dinner 6 hours away, it’s not normally going to work. Unless you get the Wonderbag. It’s a highly insulated bag in which you insert a pot with all your ingredients and boiling water. Seal it in, and the heat that you already put in stays in, cooking the food, albeit even more slowly than a regular crock pot. Granted it’s probably not super safe to be moving a gallon of boiling water anywhere, in a bag or not, but the idea here isn’t so much the portability of the procedure as much as the fact that it allows you to slow cook while using a lot less electricity. And for some, that’s important. Also, you can take a trip to the pub and not worry about leaving a hot appliance on in the house.

It’s $122.


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Rollie Eggmaster Makes Egg Tubes On Sticks

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.11.14 AM

Breakfast got you stumped? The Rollie Eggmaster turns the difficult task of… cooking eggs into one that’s as simple as making a toast. Simply crack your eggs right into its cylindrical non-stick container, press a button and wait for your fully cooked egg creation to, uh, rise out of there. There’s a heating element inside that cooks your eggs, and a mechanical ejector that pushes the contents out when ready. Like any self-respecting infomercial-grade product, the Rollie Eggmaster actually looks like something we might enjoy around the office… once we get past everything looking a little like turds. Because when you think about it, it’s kind of genius. You can eat your eggs on a stick, which is great when you’re running out the door and can’t sit for breakfast. Or you can make other things like burritos, or pizza rolls. We’re… we’re getting the credit card as we type these words. It’s $30!

Bonus: tons of giggles at the rising-boner appearance of the egg products as they eject slowly.

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This… Now This Is A Meat Tenderizer

Tenderizing tough cuts usually means going at them with a mallet. It’s fun, really. We do think that you shouldn’t be buying tough cuts in the first place, but hey, sometimes options are limited and better make the best of a bad situation. But if you’re going to tenderize, then tenderize with this instead. Looking like a torture device, the Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer features a series of sharp, etched blades that will make quick work of any tough meat. Just rock it back and forth a few times over your cut to break down and soften the fibers of even the toughest meats. Just… don’t do it too much or you might end up with ground meat instead. It’s dishwasher safe, costs $20 and comes in two red or black.

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Smart Apron Automatically Alerts the Gang When the Grub’s Ready

Smart Apron

My friends and I have this thing where we take turns hosting dinners at our houses. I think most of us can relate that the most annoying thing is when someone keeps popping into the kitchen to ask if dinner’s ready because they’re starving. Something that can help along these lines is the Smart Apron.

It’s basically an apron that lets people know when you’ve started cooking and when you’re already finished, as signaled by when you put the apron and when you take it off. The Smart Apron makes use of wireless XBee radios hooked to Lilypad Arduinos to alert diners on the status of dinner (or lunch) by sending notifications to smartphones, tablets, or desktops that are following the cook’s progress.

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Can A Microwave Make Decent Chips?

We love chips. Maybe not as much as Oprah loves chips, but we do love ’em . We just don’t like the oil as much, even if that is where all the flavour lives. Still, we eat them in moderation, so we’re a little intrigued by the above chip maker.

Simply slice potatoes using the included mandoline slicer, arrange the slices on the cooking trays, and insert the trays into a microwave. The patented silicone trays create convection heat that produces perfectly cooked chips in minutes without using a drop of oil.

One reviewer on the Hammacher website said that the resulting chips were crispy indeed, but tasted more “potato-like” and “less oily.” And that it was a taste that “needed getting used to”. We’re not sure if that’s a polite way to say they tasted awful, but he did give the item a 4/5 rating. There’s three trays, so you can cook about 30 chips at once, or just about enough for a small snack. It’s $59, which isn’t exactly cheap, so we hope you’re really into low-fat cooking if you plan on getting this.

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