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Chip Dispensing Shoehorn Slap Bracelet Thing Is Awesome


Tilt Pringles can, access chips, eat. It’s simple, so why would you need a gadget to help you stuff your face with those delicious slivers of fried potato starch pulp? Well, because you can, is why. Say you’re not the can-tilting type. Or you simply prefer the presentation of a neat stack of chips outside their container. Whatever the reason for using the EntreX Chip Dispenser, we’re just sort of amused it exists. It’s a silicone device that wraps around the can of Pringles much like a slap-bracelet when not needed, but when unfolded can be used to scoop up the goods and pull them out in one go.

Now, we say it exists, but we’re not actually sure it does. We can’t find a way to buy it, let alone to figure out how much it costs. We’ll give you the link at the bottom, and maybe you guys can harass the company until they send you one.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ NoPuedoCreer ]

Curly Dog Roasters

By David Ponce

At the risk of belabouring the point, we really do live in a pampered society when we see products on the market that solve problems that don’t really exist. Either that or we’re just used to roughing it. What ever happened to just stabbing your sausage with some twig you found and roasting it over the campfire? So what if you drop it in there, or if your twig catches on fire? It’s all part of the charm. If you don’t see it that way though, there’s always the above Curly Dog Roasters. They measure approximately 34 inches in length, including an 11 inch oak handle and a full-grain leather carrying strap and are all hand-made. You’ll be able to securely roast that wiener, keep your hands unburned and your food unspoiled. It’s $22 for a set of two.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gear Hungry ]

Get That Air Right Under The Blankets With The Bed Fan

By David Ponce

We’re going through a heat wave up here in the Great Not-So-White North. A/Cs are blasting and kids with pools are very, very popular. Sleeping, even with the A/C on can be difficult, but we think that something like the Bed Fan could help. Granted, if you’re really hot, just don’t put the blankets on, right? But there are those that grow attached to being under them, so being able to tuck the mouth of the fan right under the sheets and dissipate your body heat is a valuable feature. The Bed Fan sucks the air from under your bed (which is often cooler than just a couple feet higher) and blows it right where you need it most. There’s also a remote control so if you decide you need a different amount of cooling halfway through the night, you don’t even have to get up.

It’s $100.

[ Product Page ]