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Deal of The Day: 32% Off On ScreenStick Joystick for Smart Devices


If you grew up playing video games, you might have found the emergence of mobile gaming a little difficult to get used to. Having no physical controls and relying on a touch screen takes time to learn, and for some it’s still a deal killer. But the ScreenStick Joystick for Smart Devices aims to change that by bringing back the physical joystick.

Gaming on mobile may offer convenience and a library of new options, but sometimes on-screen controls just aren’t up to par. Take full control of your performance with ScreenStick Joystick. When this arcade joystick is attached to your screen, it’ll make your RPG, sports, first-person shooter, and platformer games a breeze to play with the precision you expect. It’s super light and durable, so you can bring it anywhere and pick up paused games on-the-road right where you left off.

– Game like you’re at home even when you’re on the road
– Get a whole new mobile gaming experience w/ this 2-in-1 gaming & simulator stick
– Attach the stick to your phone w/ 2 suction cups
– Play almost any game w/ an on-screen joystick or d-pad
– Use it for years to come: made w/ high-quality, light & durable alloy

Normally $25, it’s only $16.99 after today’s deal.


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Sensus iPhone Case Adds Two Touch-Sensitive Surfaces

Here’s a product we’d love to see succeed but for which we have little hope. It’s called the Sensus and is technically yet another case for the iPhone. However, it’s got a couple of features that could make it pretty awesome: its surface is touch sensitive. The idea is that it could add PS Vita-like controls to your phone. So you could play games and control them with your fingers resting on the back of the device rather than directly on the screen, which has always been a chief complaint amongst mobile gamers. Another use would be reading, and being able to turn pages without smudging your screen. There are two separate touch surfaces, one on the back and another along the edges, and it even contains a processor of its own that’s dedicated to processing the touch inputs. This could in theory free up processing power on the iPhone itself, so it could focus more on non touch-related tasks.

It all sounds pretty cool, so why are we a little hopeless? Well, mainly because the Sensus’ success will depend on developer support. It just won’t work if developers don’t code their applications with the Sensus’ functionality in mind. And while the company claims to have “excited developers” on board, that’s a claim that’s easy to make. Until we see who and how many, it’s dead in the water. Still, you should know it’ll be available for $59 in Q1 2013, but you can pre-order now for $39.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]