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The Accutrax Pencil Blade: For When Your Puny Old Pencil Is Just Not Manly Enough


You’re doing all kinds of jobs, remodeling the house, cutting things, hammering others, and generally getting your hands dirty. Good on you. You’re probably using a boring old pencil to trace cut lines though, right? Bet you wish you didn’t get such a sad little tool, don’t you? Bet you wish you’d gotten these Accutrax pencil blades. Blades, that’s right! These will fit any standard box cutter tool, but instead of cutting stuff, they’ll do what pencils do and trace lines. But they’ll do so while being house in a freaking box cutter tool, man. If that’s not something you wanna be totin’ round the construction site, we don’t know what kind of a construction worker you are.

It’s $10 for 3.

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South Korea to Build the World’s First ‘Invisible’ Skyscraper

Invisible Skyscraper

For years, researchers have tried but failed to develop technology that would render objects truly invisible. What they have managed to do, though, is come up with methods to create the optical illusion of invisibility.

There’s no such thing as an invisibility cloak just yet (or is there?), but South Korea is skipping a few steps and is aiming to build the world’s first “invisible” tower. Their government has just approved the plans to construct the building near the Incheon International Airport. Yes, near the airport, where planes will be landing and taking off on a daily basis. It doesn’t seem like the best location for a building that is supposedly invisible, does it?

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