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Stylish Concrete Ping Pong Table Looks Cool, Will Cost You An Arm and a Leg

Stylish Concrete Ping Pong Table



Playing ping pong on concrete? That should be nothing new–but we don’t mean playing on a concrete floor. No, we’re talking about playing on a concrete table! Designer James de Wulf has built a name for himself when it comes to concrete furniture, and now he’s built what could be the world’s first concrete ping pong table.

From the legs to the tabletop, the entire thing is made from concrete– except for the net, of course. The price? A whopping $9,320. Not exactly sure if concrete makes ping pong tougher to play or not, but make sure to bring lots of extra balls.

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These Watches Are Made Of Concrete

There are those who consider the urban environment to rival in beauty that of nature itself. The concrete jungle, with towers rising high above ground and complex angular lines crisscrossing one another in an amalgam of chaos and serenity dazzles even the casual onlooker, often in wonderment. It is perhaps with this background in mind that Dzmitry Samal created the above line of watches. They’re partly made of the essential bone, the fundamental atom and primal foundation of any metropolis: concrete. In this case, a special mix which is resistant to submersion up to 5 ATM (50 meters). The hands themselves are shaped like skyscrapers and on some models rotate on a background of atypical geometry that can evoke the image of a city. The glass is anti-reflective sapphire and the mechanism Swiss made.

As you can imagine, they’re not cheap. The eight models, named “One to Eight Dzimitry Samal” (as in One Dzimitry Samal, Two Dzimitry…), will be made in limited runs of 100 to 150 per model. And they’ll set you back a cool $1,200.

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