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If Celebrities Were Web Browsers


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“I Got Work Done Today!”… Said No One Ever


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Reasons We Consult Wikipedia


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Could Apply To Winrar Too

Some people will get it.

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Kitties, Computers, And What It’s Like To Be A Geek

It’s true. We like them kittens.

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Are We On The Computer Too Much?

By David Ponce

We lol’d.

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Anti-Video Game Bigotry Didn’t Really Start With Video Games

By David Ponce

Giving a little perspective on things, the above comic strip from Virtual Shackles reminds us that the rhetoric we’ve been hearing on video games being bad for you, well… is mostly just any old type of bigotry wearing more modern clothing.

E3 is now, so game on my friends.

[ Virtual Shackles ] VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]