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Batman Bow Ties


You can go to a black tie event and wear a good old fashioned bow tie. Or you can go and wear a Batman bow tie. Why not be the life of that stuffy old party, and let some of your personality show through? At $5 a pop, these leather clip-on ties are meant to be hair accessories but can also be worn around your neck. They’re 3 inches in length, and are secured with a 4.5 cm alligator clip in the back.

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Does This Apply?


Pecking away at the keyboard, this strip hit home.

Maybe it’s time for a coffee?

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They Don’t Stand a Chance: Pow! Splat! Fly Swatters

Pow Splat Fly Swatter


You can go for one of those electric fly swatters to zap those pesky flies and mosquitoes out of your face and into kingdom come–or you can go for these comic-inspired Pow! and Splat! fly swatters. Granted, it’s easier to get that insect, specially the fast flyers, with the tennis racket-shaped electric swatters. But if you’re out of juice and really need to get that thing out of the air, then this will have to do.

The expressions featured on the bubbles are pretty apt for their purpose too: Pow! to hit that bug in order to make it go Splat! Yowza!

The fly swatters are available online for $10.

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Facebook Activism Meets Batman Superhero-ism


Oh yeah. That’s the world we live in. The key to happiness is but one click away, don’t you know?

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A New Console, New Games Just Around The Corner


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What Kind Of Procrastinator Are You?


Definitely an Internet Researcher here. You?

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What’s In a Caption? Dayton Daily News Switched the Captions for The Far Side and Dennis the Menace Comics

The Far Side & Dennis the Menace Comics

What’s in a caption?

A lot, apparently, especially if the goof up happens to make morbid sense. The Dayton Daily News mistakenly switched the captions for The Far Side and Dennis the Menace comics back in the eighties not once, but twice, to produce hilarious results (although admittedly, they do bring to mind pretty gruesome mental images!)

Hit the break for the other switched-caption goof!

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The Royal Baby’s Birth Immortalized…In Comic Form

The birth of the royal baby was something that was followed avidly by fans all across the globe. When he was presented to the world, cameras flashed and various news outlets were flooded with news (or, according to others, non-news) about Prince George.

And then came the comic.

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Leave The Millenials Alone

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 12.24.26 PM

If you’ve spent any time reading the news (and chances are that you have, since you’re here reading news about gadgets), you may have noticed a relatively recent trend of opinion columnists complaining about the generation of people born between 1980 and 2000. The Millenials. According to this trend, these kids are tech obsessed, self-centered, lacking in social skills, narcissistic, etc. And, according to them, this is a bad thing. Well, in the following cartoon, Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors makes a compelling argument about the situation, putting things into perspective. Hit the jump for the whole thing.

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