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Take Some Time For Yourself Today


It can’t be that we were born to pay bills and die. Take a few minutes for yourself. Go outside. Take a breath of fresh air. Do one little thing you’ve been wanting to do for years, but never found the time. Just do it, because, well… what exactly are you doing everything else for? Oh, sure, you have to, we know. But in between all the little things that make life go round, all the cogs and gears that keep the machine running, there has to be a little grease that stops it all from seizing up and grinding to a halt. Take five minutes for yourself, you can’t afford not to.

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Childhood Dream Come True: Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book

Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book


There’s no denying that super heroes are super cool. However, nothing beats having something– or someone — that’s truly your own, though. So if you’ve been longing for a super hero to call your own, then it’s time to design your own superhero by getting this kit. It contains everything you’ll need to create your own custom comic book, including: cardboard stencils, a blank comic book, an activity book, tracing sheets, and project activity sheets.

You’ll get tips on how to layout and story-board your comic, among other things. As for the characters and storyline– well, I leave that up to you. The Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book kit is available online for £9.99 (about $16.)

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That’s Life: The Caffeine Causality Loop

The Caffeine Causality Loop


Your job. Your significant other. Your daily cup of coffee…and the list goes on and on. Can’t live with them, can’t bear to live without them. Such is life.

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Check Out This Batman and Harley Quinn-Themed Engagement Ring

Batman Harley Quinn Ring


Most guys go to great lengths to either find or design an engagement ring that their future partner will love. Whether it’s something that suits her personality or a ring that captures something that the couple share, it’s only truly perfect when it was a labor of love and when it symbolizes a relationship that will be able to stand the test of time and adversity.

That ring for Daniel Maffett happens to be this Batman and Harley Quinn-themed engagement ring that was made by Tom Sayers of Sayers Jewelers.

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The Inventor Of The Progress Indicator Interface Had A Good Sense Of Humor

This. Always. Happens.

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