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Digitsole Warms Your Soles From the Inside



Winter is coming. If you’re not keen on laying socks or wearing boots to keep your toes from freezing off, then here’s something you might want to get: the Digitsole. It looks like those insoles that you put into shoes that are slightly loose to improve the fit, or into footwear that causes discomfort to your heel or soles. This particular one, however, warms them up instead.

The Digitsole isn’t the first heating insole in the market, but it’s the first that you can control with your smartphone. With a few tapes, you’ll be able to keep your feet warm at the temperature you want. Aside from that, it also keeps track of the distance you’ve walked and the calories you’ve burned in the process.

It’s available online for $149.

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Fuut Desk Foot Rest is a Hammock for Your Feet

Fuut Desk Foot Rest


Legs stretched out, crossed, or the number-four–which among these is your preferred sitting position? You might find yourself switching from one position to the another as you try to get comfortable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t–and when it doesn’t, then that’s when the Fuut Desk Foot Rest will come in handy.

Think of it as a hammock for your feet, since it already looks the part. Just attach the strings to the side of your desk tot stretch it out, and voila! It’s ready to use.

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Flip! Adjustable Pillow: Lean Back, Lean Forward, Lean Sideways

World’s Most Versatile Pillow

Tired of coming home from trips with a stiff neck and sore muscles all over? Maybe all you need is the right pillow, and the Flip! might just be the pillow that changes everything. It boasts of an adjustable configuration, so you can flip it, rotate it, and use it this way and that to fit your specific needs and preferred sleeping position.

It’s available online for 49.9 Euros (or about $70.)

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Snooze in Comfort: Window Travel Pillow

Window Travel Pillow

Touring and checking out new places is fun. The actual traveling part where you ride planes, trains, and buses? Not so much. A lot of people end up with stiff necks and sore muscles after sleeping (or attempting to sleep) upright for a couple of hours. Neck pillows can lessen the discomfort, but only if you lean back. What you’ll need if you want to lean forward or sideways against the window is the aptly-named Window Travel Pillow.

It’s essentially a cushy pillow with suction cups so you can stick it right on the window before leaning into it to catch a few Z’s. It’s pretty versatile, since you can just unzip to transform it into a neck pillow.

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Here’s What You So Obviously Need In Your Life: A Kickstand


Standing is hard, yo. Why don’t you buy a portable kickstand, and never stand again? The Mogo is a lightweight, compact, and collapsible aluminum kickstand that can support weights of up to 200lbs. Collapsed, it measures 18″ in length, but extends all the way to 38″. The seat is made from reinforced fiberglass and the rubber base is reversible, and allows for hard or soft surfaces. Weighing in at only 2.1lbs. you can easily bring this with you to festivals, concerts, or even shopping at Walmart… Or whatever other potentially offensively stereotypical place you can think of that could be populated with people who can’t stand for a few minutes. It’s all yours, on pre-order, for $80.

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Best Thing At CES 2013: The Inada Massage Chair

Among the throngs of 4K televisions, convertible Ultrabooks, and self-driving cars, the one thing that impressed us most at CES 2013 was the one thing most people would ignore. See, after attempting to walk the 1.92million square feet of floor space, everything starts to hurt. Everything. Little did we know that tucked somewhere in the convention show floor was the Inada booth. Decked out with about 12 massage chairs, we decided to sit. And the Heavens opened up to shine down on us.

Granted, this isn’t new tech. It’s really barely tech at all. But if you think you know a massage chair and have never sat on, say, a Sogno DreamWave from Inada, you don’t know massage chairs. This thing wraps around your body, legs and arms included, and initially calibrates itself to your particular height. After that 30s calibration, it proceeds to knead your back, squeeze your toes, your arms, your shoulders… everything. It lies you down and tugs on your legs to give your spine a gentle stretch. The DreamWave motion even has your hips moving laterally, putting your back in a gentle 8-figure dance that feels a lot better than any written description can convey. There’s just so much happening at once, you feel as if four or five professional massage artists are working on you and once you’re done, your body feels like an overcooked noodle. It was glorious!

Of course, this kind of chair isn’t cheap. The top of the line model we tried sells for around $8,900. That’s obviously a lot of money, but if you’re the manager of a small office and have been looking for something to boost morale, you could do a lot worse than buying this for the crew. Just sayin…

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No More Sweaty Posteriors This Summer

By David Ponce

There’s really no other feeling greater than getting up after a few hours of work at a computer with the back of your legs and butt stuck to your pants from all that sweat you produced. It’s grand, really. But if you’ve just grown sick of it and would rather not partake in the joys of sweaty butts, you can get the above Aero Seat Cooling Cushion. Powered by a battery, it’ll pump around 190 litres of air per minute (on the high setting) and around 95 litres per minute (on low) through special channels in the material. This is supposed to keep you cool and we believe it, although in our AC-free offices we’d be better off pumping sub-zero coolant instead of just air. But hey, you can’t have it all. This particular device will set you back $88.

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Everyone In The Office Can Be Happy With This Thermoregulated Chair

By David Ponce

Everyone has a slightly different internal thermostat. Your author happens to be constantly overheating, only happy when the ambient temperature is glacial. This of course makes for heated (get the pun?) arguments around the office thermostat, since most other people are normal. We should get the Tempronics heated and cooled office chairs. It features a cooling and heating system that allows each individual user to set his preferred working temperature. In tests, the chairs were able to keep workers comfortable between 61F (16C) and 84F (29C).

It uses around 75W of power to do its thing, and the company is billing it as a way to save on energy costs as a typical AC can consume 1,800. We’re not sure the math works out here, since it would just take 23 of these chairs to be 1,800W. Then again, maybe an 1,800W AC isn’t enough to cover the area taken up by 23 workers, so we’re not sure. Any uh… experts on this field in the audience? Not that it matters, but we’re curious.

Anyway, the chairs cost between $800 and $1,100 depending on quality.

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