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Optical Illusion Friday: How Many Circles?

By David Ponce

Yeah… So there’s a bunch of circles on that image. Do you see them?

Keep looking.

Optical Illusion Friday: Watch This One Shimmer

By David Ponce

“Look at this illusion for a while and it will appear to be shimmering and moving. Also: Follow the outermost groove and watch it change from a groove to a hump as you go around the wheel. ”

I find that the longer I stare at it, the more things start to happen. Trippy.

VIA [ Optillusions ]

Optical Illusion Friday: Nothing Is Moving On This Image

By David Ponce

Going forward with the much less fun to say Optical Illusion Friday (comparing this to Fishtank Friday, which rolled wight off the tongue…), here’s another illusion. We’re big fans of these false movement images and this particular one seems to have it down pat. For a really fun time, try it with one eye at a time.

Have a good weekend, y’all.

VIA [ Brainbashers ]

Optical Illusion Friday: A New Column

By David Ponce

We’re thinking of starting a new column, where every Friday we post a cool new optical illusion. Because, why not?

Here’s today. What you see above is four concentric circles. Really. Enjoy your brain melting as you try and see them.

VIA [ Gizmodo ]