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The Color Muse Is An Eyedropper Tool For Real Life


You know the Eyedropper Tool in almost every photo editing software? It allows you to identify the exact color of any spot on an image just by clicking on the part you want? It’s pretty useful and now you can do the same thing in real life with the Color Muse. Just place it over anything you want to color-match, and the small handheld device will scan and output not only which color you’re looking at, but a list of possible combinations that would look good with it. It connects to your smartphone, which opens the door to a lot of functionality, such as getting the namebrand paints, tile, floorcovering and other products [that] match the scanned color. It’s also quite inexpensive, at $49.


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This Is The World’s Ugliest Color, Find Out Why We Use It


The color you see above is called ‘Opaque Couché’, also known as Pantone 448 C. It is now officially, at least according to a study conducted by an agency hired by the Australian government, the world’s ugliest color. You might be wondering why the Australian government would go to the effort of hiring an external agency to determine this, and it’s simple: it is hoping that slapping this color on cigarette packagings will discourage smokers. This, along with already-present graphic warnings, definitely makes cigarette packs look fugly… but is it enough? We don’t know what sort of impact this research and effort might have on future sales, but American, Irish, and French governments seems to think it’s worth a shot, as they’re following suit and doing something similar.

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