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Write in Whatever Color You Want with Scribble

Scribble Pen


You know that eyedropper tool in most image editing programs that lets you lift and use whatever color you want to, as long as it’s there on your screen? Well, the Scribble pen works like that, only it’s infinitely cooler because it’s a pen, for crying out loud. One end is the scanner (aka the physical eyedropper), while the other end is the pen which does all the writing.

Scribble uses 16-bit color sensors and Bluetooth technology to make it happen. What’s impressive is the fact that it can store up to 100,000 different colors. So scan that shirt, the rose that you just got, or your neighbor’s curtain–every color is within reach, now that you’ve got a tool as nifty at this.

Scribble will be available in two versions: the ink version, which comes with ink cartridges so you can write, scribble, and draw to your heart’s content; and the stylus version, which works with the Scribble+ app to make colors come alive on your mobile device. A Kickstarter campaign is planned for the pen. You can sign up on the Scribble website here for updates.


Outside the Lines: A Coloring Book for Big Kids With Big Imaginations

Adult Coloring Book

For a lot of people, life was literally more colorful when they were kids. Gone are the days when an hour of arts and crafts was squeezed in between math and science class. Or are they?

Bringing back color and whimsy into the lives of adults, big kids, and anyone with a giant imagination is Outside the Lines. It’s an artsy coloring book curated by Souris Hong-Porretta that features the work of over a hundred artists from all walks of life–from graphic and street artists to cartoonists. Each page is lined with intricate artwork that’s just waiting for you to add some color to it.

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Nix Color Sensor is a Real-Life Color Eyedropper Tool

Nix Color Identifier

Have you ever wished for a real-life color eyedropper tool so you can copy and save colors as you see them? Wish no more because Matthew Sheridan has granted it with the development of the Nix Color Sensor. It’s a smartphone accessory that lets you scan the object with the desired color and view it instantly on your phone right after.

Nix is compact and handy, so you can easily take it with you, since it’s meant to be used when you’re on the go and all. It’s infinitely better than trying to capture colors using your camera, because the latter doesn’t really produce the most accurate results.

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