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Crossword Puzzle Mug: Want a Puzzle With Your Coffee?

Crossword Puzzle Mug


Coffee is best served with a crossword puzzle on the side. Well, and with a bagel or a slice or two of French toast, too. If someone did the crosswords in the newspaper before you got to it though, then don’t fret because the Crossword Puzzle Mug is there to save the say. As its name implies, it’s a mug with a crossword grid printed on its exterior. It isn’t just there for show, because you can use it to answer the puzzle printed on the mug’s box.

And that’s not all: each month, the mug’s makers will post a new puzzle online that’ll go with your mug so you don’t have to keep solving the same old puzzle (really, where’s the challenge in that?)

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Wine or Coffee? Friends Fun Wine Lets You Have Both–At the Same Time

Friends Beverage Group Coffee Wine


Can’t decide if you’d like to unwind with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee? Friends Fun Wine is well aware of that fact, which is why they’ve come up with two new flavors that incorporate wine’s velvet smoothness with coffee’s distinct aroma that’ll give you a quick pick-me-up for sure: Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino.

The coolest part about it? There’s zero caffeine and very little alcohol in the mix, plus it’s low on calories. As for the taste, well, that’s an entirely different story, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

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Nespresso Vertuo Line Now Makes American Style Cup Of Joe


Nespresso machines make some pretty delicious espresso, but if you’re the kind that likes to drink their coffee in industrial quantities, American-style, then these toys aren’t for you. That’s until now, since the company’s new Vertuo line is also able to churn out an 8 oz. cup of coffee in addition to its traditional 1.35 oz. shots. Sure, 8oz. doesn’t even come close to a Starbuck Venti, but this is sure to become a welcome addition nonetheless. It’s $300.

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Single Serve Brewers Expensive And Wasteful? Not So With The Ekobrew, A Reusable Stainless Steel K-Cup For Keurig Brewers

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 1.31.33 PM

We’re big fans of single-serve coffee brewers, like the Keurig or Tassimo machines. But as much as we love them, we’re conscious of the fact that they create enormous amounts of waste and each coffee ends up costing a lot more than if you were to make them the traditional way. Well, with the Ekobrew you can do away with both problems at once. You’ll be able to make as many coffees as you like from any bean you desire. No more wasted plastic cups, and no more paying triple the regular amount for a cup of Joe. Granted you’re sort of taking away some of the convenience inherent in the machines by doing this, but hey, there’s a price to pay for everything. It’s $17.

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Coffee Mug Keeps Your Coffee At The Optimal Temperature


The Temperfect mug looks like a regular everyday coffee mug, but it isn’t. Instead of keeping your drink piping hot for as long as possible, this device aims to cool it to a drinkable temperature quickly, and then to maintain it there for an extended period of time. It does this by replacing the air in the double walls with a special material, which Dean Verhoeven, the creator, is calling “Material X”. It’s solid at room temperature but melts when heated, storing large amounts of energy in the process; this has the effect of cooling the liquid inside. But since the “Material X” stored all that heat, it is able to transfer it back to your coffee as it cools, keeping it warm for longer. It’s the same exact principle that we saw in the Coffee Joulies 2.5 years ago, only now in a more practical form factor than little metal pebbles that you carry separately.

Unfortunately, we seem to remember testing showed the Coffee Joulies didn’t do such an amazing job at what they claimed to do, extending the coffee’s temperature sweetspot by an almost negligible amount. However, that doesn’t mean the Temperfect will suffer the same fate. Thermodynamics is a complex field and for all we know, mug-shaped is more efficient than pebble-shaped. If you want your own, you’ll have to pledge $40 to the fully funded Kickstarter.

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Buy $65 Starbucks Tumbler, Get Free Drinks For One Month

starbucks-espresso-refill-tumbler Maybe you’re buying padded gear in preparation for the Black Friday tramplings. That’s cool. But if you’re not, maybe you can make your way to a local Starbucks. There, for Black Friday only, you can pick up a $65 Stainless Steel Espresso Refill Tumbler. And for your trouble, Starbucks will offer you a free handcrafted espresso beverage every day in January 2014. Sure, there’s a limit of one per day, but that’s still a $140 value right there, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. So if you’ve got the Seattle’s black brew running in your veins, now’s your chance to save a couple dollars.

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The Holiday Spirit? Nope


We’ve entered that period called “The Holidays.” It stretches between the end of Halloween and December 26th… or maybe January 1st… but the Christmas-y stuff ends on the 26th. That means you have to prepare to hear the jingles everywhere you go, on every radio station, ever TV ad. It’s omnipresent and drives some people nuts. Why not express your discontent by co-opting everyone’s favorite grumpy feline’s image? Start your day right (or wrong) with a cup of joe, and a pretty clear statement about the commercialization of what some people still see as a religious occasion.

It’s $10.

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3D Printed Caffeine Coffee Mug


This is a fancy ceramic mug made at Shapeways from a 3D printed mold. It’s a normal mug surrounded by a 3D representation of the molecule for Caffeine. True nerds will be delighted; also, true nerds will likely not buy this because it’s insanely expensive. $70! It is perhaps worth mentioning that since it’s made at Shapeways, who use industrial printers, it’s likely to be of higher quality than something you’d print with the current generation of home 3D printers. That being said, it’s still $70 being wrenched from your account for something you drink your morning sludge from. Worth it? Not sure, but below is the link anyway. It comes in a $30 espresso size as well.

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The Tech That Makes Mornings Almost Bearable (An OhGizmo! Review)


This post is brought to you by Best Buy. Submit a photo of your rundown small appliances in need of an #applianceupgrade to the Best Buy Facebook page for a chance to win a Small Appliance Makeover worth $1,000 in Best Buy eGift Cards.

If there’s a time and a place for everything, mornings are definitely the time to feel crummy, complain about how sleepy you are, half-glare at the people around you in a groggy haze, and otherwise try and drag yourself out of the wonderful sleep you were having just minutes ago. But being the geek that I am, I’ve discovered that little technological advances can make some morning steps at least marginally more pleasurable. I’m not saying that technology is the answer to everything, but I’ve found a peculiar sort of delight in streamlining some activities. I’d like to take a minute to explain what I mean.

A few weeks ago, I made my way to Best Buy to buy two small appliances, with the hope of making my mornings better. Yes, the retailer sells more than laptops and PCs, and while browsing their aisles, I settled on a Keurig Elite SingleServe Brewer (B48), and a Philips Sonicare – DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush. I think you see where I’m going with this. Who wants to brew a fresh pot of coffee every morning, or fuss around with instant powder, when there’s an alternative at the ready? And what self-respecting geek wouldn’t look forward to cleaning his teeth with a brush that vibrates at 31,500 “rpm” and charges through electromagnetic induction? Yeah, that was my thinking and here’s how these two machines performed.

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