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Concept Coca-Cola Can: Share Happiness…Literally

Concept Coke

Coca-Cola is all about sharing happiness. So why don’t they turn these concept Coke cans into a reality to make that slogan applicable on a more literal note?

Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Singapore originally came up with the idea of these two-part soda cans that can be twisted and separated into two. That way, you can keep one half for yourself and share the other with your best mate. The cans are currently being handed out by the “Happiness Trucks” that are making the rounds in Singapore, although they’re probably limited promotional cans which won’t be sold commercially.

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This Coca-Cola Ad Lets You Roll Your Own Coke-Tastic Smartphone Amplifier

Coca Cola Smartphone Amplifier

The quirkier the ad, the more attention it’ll get. Every ad agency knows that, although not all of them manage to execute this in their campaigns. A Coca-Cola ad that was recently run in South America did, however, and it’s getting them a whole lot of coverage. The multi-national corporation was celebrating the one year anniversary of Coca Cola FM, so what they did was transform Capricho Magazine (where the ad was printed) into an amplifier to liven up the party.

The ad basically instructs readers to roll their magazine up and tuck a tab on the magazine’s special double cover into a slot on the other side. The last step involves putting the phone into the groove found on the middle of the makeshift amplifier. You already know what happens next.

Check out a video of the Coca Cola magazine amplifier in action after the break.

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