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Superhydrophobic Coating Means Your Stuff Will Never Get Wet Again

By David Ponce

Nanotechnology can be awesome, as is awesomely demonstrated in the video above. What you’re seeing is a sneaker coated in a thin layer of Ross Nanotechnologies’ NeverWet superhydrophobic compound repelling chocolate syrup like a boss. We don’t know what it’s made of, really, aside from magic. Its water repellent capabilities are incredible. Water simply does not touch it. A drop of it on its surface forms a nearly spherical bead and unless on a perfectly horizontal surface, simply shoots right off. And it’s not just water but pretty much anything: chocolate syrup, mud, oil… you name it. The applications are endless. NeverWet provides anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti-icing and self-cleaning properties to anything it coats. It even allowed an iPhone 3G to remain completely submerged for 30 minutes before dying.

Hit the jump for a bunch of jaw-dropping videos. If you don’t feel like clicking we will say this out here: we can’t figure out how to get them to take our money!

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