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ECLIPS is a Coat Check System For the Future


One of the biggest pains with coat checks isn’t the slow attendant who takes forever to come back with your coat. It’s the ditsy ones who switch coats and hand off the wrong ones to people who don’t bother to check. I’ve lost a few coats because of similar occurrences and it was enough to ruin an otherwise good night.

Potentially eliminating mishaps like this in the future is the ECLIPS system. It does away with claim tickets by employing an invisible ink stamp (which goes on invisibly on the person’s wrist) and UV lamp scanner (which the attendant uses to scan people’s wrists.) A clip is attached onto the coat, which comes embedded with a LED light that blinks when said person is ready to claim their coat.

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Would You Wear Man Hair? Check Out These ‘Fur’ Coats Made From Men’s Chest Hair

Chest Fur

This fur coat is definitely unusual. In fact, some might find it downright disgusting, as it’s definitely not what it might appear to be. What you think is the fur is actually hair–hair from the chests of living, breathing men. If you’re wondering why someone would create an abomination a coat like this, then wonder no more: it’s part of an ad campaign by dairy company Arla.

They commissioned for the creation of the fur coat, which took designers over 200 hours to weave and put together millions of strands of hair, to promote the launch of Wing-co, which is their new milk drink that’s made for men.

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