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Reversible Chewbacca Jacket Can Fit In Anywhere

Whether you’re up for looking like just another schmo on the street, or wanting to attract a little more attention, the Reversible Chewbacca Jacket has you covered. It’s all hair and fur and Wookie love on the one side, and thrift store chic on the other. It’s a Mark Ecko creation, and is available for $190. Some reviews complain of the zipper getting stuck in all that fur, but with a little finesse we’re sure you can get it to work properly.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ HiConsumption ]

WANT: Handmade Super Mario Belt

So this Etsy seller and leatherworker, Julia from Montreal, made an awesome belt for her brother that depicted the last level of Super Mario Bros. It’s intricate, delicately pressed and painted, and just looks great. She didn’t put it for sale on the shop, intending for it to be a present to her brother for his birthday. But then, the other brother in the family posted a picture of it to Reddit, where of course it was a hit. So overwhelming was the demand that Julia decided to make new ones like it available on her shop. You can now own the very same belt, or any other depicting similar levels, either in SMB or other side scroller with reasonable proportions. It’s a long process and each belt is handmade, so of course the price is high. She estimates it to be around $395 per belt, but she’ll have a better idea in the first weeks of January and will adjust her price accordingly then. Still, won’t be cheap, but sure as heck is cool.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and links.

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Here’s A Nyan Cat Hoodie

If you live on the Intertubes, as we do, you know Nyan Cat. You also probably love the little fella; how could you not? We’re not quite infatuated enough to go all out and buy a Nyan Cat hoodie ourselves, but to be perfectly honest, you don’t really need to be “in love” either. This hoodie just says “I know my memes, and don’t mind letting the world know I probably spend the better half of my life in front of a computer screen,” in a fun, tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

If… you’re just a casual Internet-er, well… Nyan Cat is a viral video featuring a catchy, repetitive tune, and a cat with a PopTart body flying through space with a rainbow coming out of his bum. It’s iconic really, and you can see the animation for yourself if you hit the jump. Out here we tell you that the hoodie, made of a cotton/polyester mix, is $50.

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Baby Mop: Put That Baby To Some Use

Oh, babies. They are… completely not something we’re thinking of having anytime soon. Cute as they are, they’re just gluttons for attention. We think they should give something back, and more than just the warm and fuzzies, or contributing to the survival of the species, or passing on your genes: they should work for all the things we give them. So that’s why we’re digging the Baby Mop. Featuring ultra absorbing cleaning pads on the areas that babies usually crawl around on, they’ll buff your hardwood floor to a shine without even realizing it. Later in life, you can inform them that they were hardworking little-people even before they knew what they were doing.

It’s $40 and as you can imagine, stock is running low on this. Hit the jump for a few more pictures of a baby definitely digging not knowing what the heck he’s doing.

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Your Underwear, Now With More Deodorizing

Popular among Japanese businessmen, the Deoest undergarment line features a special fabric that, well, deodorizes you as you wear it. Or rather, it apparently masks whatever smells might be coming off your body so that you may not be “that guy” in the office without actually going to the trouble of, you know, washing. It’s really kind of gross if you think about it that way, but you could also position it as simple precaution for anyone with a tendency to generate body door.

The fabric is coated with ceramic nanoparticules, which is what does the deodorizing, though we’re not clear on the chemistry of it. Still, if it works as advertised, we expect it to do well outside of the Japanese market, even if there are no clear plans for expansion. Prices are in line with that of regular underwear so there’s really no reason not to get this, as long of course as you don’t see this as a reason to start a bad hygiene habit.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]

Portal Undies and Knee-High Socks Physically Get You in the Game

Portal Socks

What better way to play Portal than to deck yourself out in themed garb? Obviously, you don’t need to, but I think it’s a little funner that way. The love that some people have for their favorite games inspires them to come up with designs revolving around the themes of the game, like these knee-high Portal 2 socks and undies.

You won’t survive any long falls even if you’ve got these socks on, but at least you’ll good in the process.

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Let’s All Creep It Up This Winter With Integrated-Goggles Jacket

Ten points for creating a jacket that positively will not let any cold air touch your face. You’ll be able to roam the frozen tundra, safe in the knowledge that not an inch of your peachy skin will freeze. But that’s where the positive things about the “AI Riders on The Storm” jacket end. Or is that just the start? We’re a little torn. On the one hand, we kind of dig a piece of apparel that makes little old ladies cross the street to avoid us. It does look sort of badass. But we suspect that we’d also attract more than our fair share of stares from a public generally disapproving of anyone dressed as one would imagine a mass murderer would suit up. The question then is whether we should care? Well, at $454, the jacket pretty much prices itself right out of any sort of “hey, that could be cool to try out” sort of vibe we might have been feeling. Those with deeper pockets could of course disagree.

Hit the jump for a close up.

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R2-D2 Hoodie Can Turn From Awesome To Creepo At The Pull Of A Zipper

We’re happy to see the above R2-D2 hoodie for men, especially given last week’s artoo dress. It looks pretty good, is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and comes in sizes Small to XXL (although Medium and XXL are currently sold out). Where things start to go wrong however is in its ability to be zipped up past your mouth, and past your eyes, engulfing your entire head. Sure, there are mesh panels so you can see and breathe, but we recon all you’ll see is people crossing the street to walk on the opposite side of it if you choose to wear it that way. But hey, it’s eccentric people like that that make the world more entertaining to live in, so who are we to judge? If you want one, it’s $70.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

R2-D2 Dress from Black Milk Clothing Will Make You Look Va-Va-Voom!

R2-D2 Dress from Black Milk Clothing

Some people express their love for their favorite movie or comic book franchise by dressing up as their favorite characters. (In short, by doing cosplays.) Those who feel like they can’t pull that off turn to themed clothing instead, like this ultra-sexy R2-D2 dress from Black Milk that’s officially licensed by Lucasfilm.

Male fans will have to wait for another clothing company to churn out Star Wars-related stuff, but I have a feeling they’ll be able to appreciate this hot number just as much as the female ones. For obvious reasons.

Hit the break for a video teasing the rest of Black Milk’s range of Star Wars clothing.

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