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Toyota Prius Sports Solar Roof, Saves You From Summer Sizzle


This is a guest post by Gilberto J. Perera, who usually writes netbook reviews and editorials for Laptop Logic.

The Short:The new Prius brings several new and environmentally friendly upgrades to the table. One of them is called a “Solar Roof” – essentially a solar-powered fan that circulates the air within the cabin while you’re not in it, letting you come back to a cool and comfortable car even on a hot day.

The Long: As the proud owner of a Honda Accord with a leather interior living in Miami, Florida I am fully aware of the amount of heat that accumulates inside a vehicle while it is parked outside in direct sunlight all day. It usually takes setting the air conditioner on the maximum setting, opening the windows, and several minutes for the cabin to cool down to a comfortable level. With Toyota’s third generation Prius, this will no longer be an issue.

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