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Peppermint Shot Glasses Are Perfect For Christmas

Sometimes it’s sort of important that we describe a product, because hey, you don’t necessarily know what it does. Other times, a headline and picture is enough. That’s what we have here: peppermint shot glasses. They took the candy cane while it was still hot, and made it into a shot glass that you can eat after you’ve downed a couple of shots from it. Christmas fun!

It’s $11 for a set of 3.

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Booze-Infused Marshmallows Will Be Perfect for a Christmas Bonfire

Booze Marshmallows

If you live somewhere where the snow doesn’t fall, then here’s something you can do to stop the kids from clamoring for a white Christmas (because you can’t give that to them anyway, not unless you buy fake snow by the truckload): a holiday bonfire. There’s nothing like roasting marshmallows and drinking steaming cups of hot cocoa in the great outdoors, singing Christmas carols and handing out homemade eggnog to whoever wants a glass.

There are also extra treats for the adults who might otherwise prefer to stay indoors: fluffy booze-infused marshmallows that can get you toasted on the sly. Take extra care to keep them out of reach of children for obvious reasons (and also because nobody really wants to clean up vomit from the carpet on Christmas day.)

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Spot the Nots: Miniature Christmas Candle Holders Bring Something New to the Nativity Scene

Christmas Theme Candle Holders

The countdown to Christmas continues. We’ve looked at Christmas trees and ornaments and even houses that exuded the holiday vibe in their own little way. But one thing we haven’t covered yet is the nativity scene, which captures the true meaning and essence of Christmas. As a kid, my mom and I would do some crafts and use recycled materials to recreate the scene so we could display it at the foot of our tree. That tradition slowly died out as I grew up, but it’s a tradition that’s waiting to be restarted with the birth of my beautiful niece.

Until then, we’ve had to make do with alternatives that didn’t require as much effort (since all we had to do was buy them), like this exquisitely-made miniature Christmas candle holder set. It’s a different take to the usual scene, and for two very obvious reasons. Can you spot the nots?

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Treeasy is a Minimalist Christmas Tree That’s Easy Peasy to Set Up


‘Tis the season to be jolly–and to be lazy! Good food, endless parties, and good friends and family all around? That’s the Holidays in a nutshell (at least, for me.) If you can’t muster up the energy to put up your usual tree and trim it this year, then here’s a bit of advice: go get the Treeasy instead.

As its name suggests, the Treeasy is a minimalist tree that’s easy to put up. It arrives as a flat sheet of aluminum, but pull and fold it up in all the right places and you’ve got yourself a tree.

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LEGO Ornaments Will Geek Up Your Christmas Tree

LEGO Ornaments

Geeky ornaments have become increasingly uncommon these days, what with more and more geeks storming planet Earth and all. More ornaments that prospective geeks can look forward to hanging up this year are these colorful LEGO ornaments that will bring a smidge of class and a whole lot of awesome to their trees.

These ornaments are being sold as a set of six by LEGO builder Agnieszka Biernacka for $80. They’re made from brand-new LEGO bricks so the ornaments still have that fresh, scratch-free shine to them. They’re also glued together so they won’t fall apart and break into bricks if you happen to drop them.

Of course, you can just build your own LEGO ornaments if you’ve got the time and if you’ve got the bricks.

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This $4.2 Million Gold Tree is All Blinged Up for Christmas

Christmas Tree Bling

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s officially less than a month before Christmas, so hang up the mistletoe and pin your stockings by the fire if you haven’t already.

Now that we’ve gotten the obligatory holiday reminders out of the way, let’s play another round of ‘What Would You Do if You Had $4 Million?’ Would you buy a fancy sports car or move to a bigger apartment? Would you donate a chunk of it to charity or buy a jewel-encrusted watch for yourself? Or would you rather blow all that money on a revolving tree that was molded by ten craftsmen using 40 kilograms of pure gold?

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Forever Alone: Christmas Dinner In A Can

Christmas, also known as the two month period between the end of Halloween and December 25, is upon us. With it comes endless consumerism, endless gluttony and the requisite family gatherings. They’re great, except when they aren’t. Know what we mean? Wish to skip? You don’t have to go all-in and skip on the food too. The Hot Can above isn’t a frozen dinner that you pop in the microwave. This is a self-heating can of “Turkey casserole with winter veg, chipolatas, stuffing balls and cranberry jelly.” That my friends, is Christmas. In a can. A self-heating can. Which you can eat all by your lonesome self if you so desire. No need to smile. No need to cook. Heck, no need to even wear clothes. No one said you couldn’t enjoy the Christmas spirit all by yourself.

Or, heck, enjoy it with others and serve the Dinner In A Can anyway! Cooking is very 2011. And, depending on your situation, this initiative will either delight or seriously worry your guests, both of which can be entertaining outcomes during the Holidays.

£6 or $10 will get you about 400g (roughly 1 lb.) of grub.

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We Wish You a Pixelated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

8-Bit Christmas Stocking

It’s officially thirty-two more days before Christmas! Already, I hear malls playing Christmas carols in the background while salespeople walk around in Santa hats showing off presents that you might want to buy for yourself or for someone else.

Christmas starts at home and I think there’s no such thing as breaking out the Christmas decorations too early. But how about geeking up your decor this year by tacking up this 8-Bit Christmas Stocking beside all your other regular Christmas stockings? They’re pixelated all over and even have buttons from a retro gaming controller printed on top–perfect for the gamer in the family (or perfect for you.)

They’re available online for $9.99.

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Fashionista Christmas Tree Lets You Do Christmas a la Carrie Bradshaw

Fashionista Christmas Tree

Do Christmas a little differently this year. Instead of getting a regular tree, why not channel the Carrie Bradshaw within you and get one of these Fashionista Christmas Trees instead? It departs from tradition with its irregular shape because instead of a tree, what you get is a faux fir ‘tree’ in the form of a classic couturier’s dress.

Let your creative juices flow and dress up this year’s tree like you’ve never dressed up a tree before. The tree itself stands at five feet tall and is already pre-strung with 150 warm white LEDs. It’s also aptly topped with a matte-finish metal star because, let’s face it, if you get this tree, then it’s obviously going to be the star of the night for every night leading to the twenty-fifth.

If you’re up for a fashionable Christmas this year, then this tree is yours for $249.95.

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