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Give Your Christmas Tree the Old Heave-Ho to Outer Space

Rocket Tree

Christmas has passed and we’re well into the first week of the new year. It’s time to take down the holiday decorations, finish the leftovers from various family dinners, and get back to work. The biggest holiday clean-up hassle of all, though, is the tree. It’s huge, it’s bulky, and it’s probably the most tedious to take care of.

Several folks probably felt the same way, so they did something you probably wanted to do but never did with your tree: send it to outer space.

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Treeasy is a Minimalist Christmas Tree That’s Easy Peasy to Set Up


‘Tis the season to be jolly–and to be lazy! Good food, endless parties, and good friends and family all around? That’s the Holidays in a nutshell (at least, for me.) If you can’t muster up the energy to put up your usual tree and trim it this year, then here’s a bit of advice: go get the Treeasy instead.

As its name suggests, the Treeasy is a minimalist tree that’s easy to put up. It arrives as a flat sheet of aluminum, but pull and fold it up in all the right places and you’ve got yourself a tree.

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Fashionista Christmas Tree Lets You Do Christmas a la Carrie Bradshaw

Fashionista Christmas Tree

Do Christmas a little differently this year. Instead of getting a regular tree, why not channel the Carrie Bradshaw within you and get one of these Fashionista Christmas Trees instead? It departs from tradition with its irregular shape because instead of a tree, what you get is a faux fir ‘tree’ in the form of a classic couturier’s dress.

Let your creative juices flow and dress up this year’s tree like you’ve never dressed up a tree before. The tree itself stands at five feet tall and is already pre-strung with 150 warm white LEDs. It’s also aptly topped with a matte-finish metal star because, let’s face it, if you get this tree, then it’s obviously going to be the star of the night for every night leading to the twenty-fifth.

If you’re up for a fashionable Christmas this year, then this tree is yours for $249.95.

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