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Restaurant Scans Faces, Lets Beautiful Folks Dine for Free

Chinese Restaurant Scans Faces, Lets Beautiful Eat for Free

We live in a world where beautiful folks are constantly rewarded. From extra boosts to their career to special treatment, you name it, they’ve probably taken advantage of that perk– the latest being a meal on the house if you’re prettier than the average human. A restaurant in Zhengzhou, China is running a promotion where people can get their meals for free if their beauty is perceived as above average by a panel of plastic surgeons.

The news was met with criticism for obvious reasons. In a world where we’re bombarded with images of men and women who look like they were Photoshopped to life, news like this certainly doesn’t help people’s body image.


China’s Baidu To Launch Dubike Smartbike


Forget Smart Watches, they’re very 2014. With 2015 on the horizon, the new thing could be Smart Bikes. At least that’s what China’s online services giant, Baidu, seems to be hoping. Not that they’re betting the farm on it, but with the launch of the Dubike (in collaboration with Tsinghua University’s design department), they’re at least putting a credible effort behind what looks to be a solid high-tech bicycle. The Dubike has sensors to determine heart rate, pedal rate, pedal pressure, and a bunch of others, with the aim of digitizing the entire cycling experience. Regenerative braking fills up the batteries, which in turn power all the electronics on board, as well as your own, should you wish to charge these. There’s no pedal assist however, so if there’s a steep hill ahead, you’re on your own.

There are no details on pricing or availability, but word is Baidu hopes to have it on the market by the end of the year. Which market? Most likely just Asia, if not China only. But hey, maybe its existence will encourage others to push ahead in this field.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Disposable E-Cigarette is the Next Best Thing to a Cigarette

disposable E-cigarette_001

E-cigarettes are one alternative for people who want to ease off smoking or for those who want to keep smoking without all the negative effects that come with it. Somewhere in between real cigarettes and e-cigarettes are the YJ4931 disposable e-cigarettes by the FirstUnion Group. The company has dubbed it the “world’s first long-lasting disposable e-cigarette” and claims that it can provide up to 400 puffs.

The disposable e-cigarettes utilize new battery materials with a new circuit controller and provides ultra-thick vapor, even under low voltage. The design itself replicates the typical look of most cigarettes. Continue Reading

Is This The World’s Oldest Smart Ring?


This is a ring straight out of China’s Qing Dynasty era. It’s 1.2 centimetres (0.47in.) long, 0.7cm (0.28in.) wide, and happens to have a fully functional abacus on it. That’s right, the Chinese were doing arithmetic on a finger-mounted “smartring” long before the gesture sensitive rings of today.

This ring was in fact too small to use with your fingers, but a needle or other sharp pointed object would take care of that. We like to think of this accessory as a prototypical stylus, long before Steve Jobs was even around to be able to hate them.

[ ChinaCulture ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

This Is Pizza Hut’s Hot-Dog Crusted, Shrimp Tempura Pizza, With Mayonnaise


You’d think that after a headline like that, we’d be saying “‘Murica, F*&K Yeah!” But we aren’t because the pizza you see there isn’t available in America. Or at least, it’s not being sold in Pizza Huts in the states. It’s in China, and was photographed by John Lehmann, a photojournalist with the Globe and Mail who is travelling through the country and documenting his experiences on Tumblr.

That’s it folks. Just wanted to show you a picture that highlights that, hey, it’s not just in America that you see food creations that should be sold with an accompanying bottle of Pepto Bismol.

[ John Lehmann’s Tumblr ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

New “World’s Thinnest” Netbook Is CZC C9 From China


By David Ponce

At 0.5cm, or 5 milimeters, or better yet for y’all non-metric readers, 0.2inches, the CZC 09 from ShenZhen Zichuang Technology claims to be the world’s thinnest. It also happens to be really light, at 750 grams. Feature-wise, you get “an ARM11 based CPU, 8.9 inch 1024*600 display, 1G RAM, 8G flash storage, 2 usb ports, an AVG port, a Li-ion battery with 6-9 hours working time”. It’ll be running a customized version of Linux and should retail for 1499 Yuan (about $220 ).

Now the thing is, the 0.2inch claim, as you’ll see in the pictures after the jump, is made at the very thinnest point of the device. It does get chunkier in the back. Still thin… but world’s thinnest?

Whether the CZC 09 ever makes out of China is something we don’t quite know yet. We’ll update you if we find something out.

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