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Checkmate: Wall-Mounted Chess Board

Wall-mounted computerized chess board

Fancy a game of chess? Artless Dodger loves the game and he’s a huge DIY buff. So it comes as no surprise that he chose to create a larger-than-life wall-mounted chess board that you’re supposed to play while standing up. Obviously, the taller player takes the black pieces, since they’re placed on the higher shelves.

The cool thing about Dodger’s chess board is the fact that you can still play, even when you’re by your lonesome. It has a program integrated into the system that “plays” with you so you don’t have to play with yourself (okay, that sounded a bit wrong but…you know what I mean.)

Hit the jump to watch a video of the chess board at play.

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Bang! Check Mate: Bullet Chess Set

Bullet Chess Set




Why play chess with your old board when you can play with this one? It’s the chess set made using dummy rounds and spent shell casings by Etsy seller OldeWorldCC and it’s nothing short of awesome. The pieces aren’t just old casings that have been cleaned up and polished and then stuck on a board; rather, they’re cut, curled, and shaped to look like the pieces that they actually represent.

A variety of chess sets are available on his Etsy shop, with prices starting at $345. It’s pricier than your typical chess set, but you won’t find pieces like these elsewhere, that’s for sure.Continue Reading

Nixie Tube Chess Board Looks Old-Timey, Super Awesome

By David Ponce

The nice thing about doing things yourself is that you’re not constrained by the ROI considerations of the mass market channels. You can create anything you want and with a bit of talent you can end up with something like the above. It’s a Nixie tube chess set created by one “Tony” and features 80’s Soviet-era tubes with scientific symbols displayed on them. What’s especially nice about it is that it’s all induction-based, meaning the tubes light up when deposited on the board, but there’s no wires anywhere on the tubes, making them true chess pieces. Well of course aside from the fact that you’re going to have to learn which symbol represents which piece, but that’s trivial to the amount of effort you’ll have to put in if you decide to build your own. Turns out Tony is preparing a DIY kit, though he warns that “This is not a project for beginners – it makes extensive use of surface mount components. Expect to spend up to a week of your spare time on it depending on experience and patience.” There’s no mention of price or availability anywhere but you can keep track of things at the link below.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ The Verge ]