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X-Ray Spray: Makes Envelopes See-Through For 30 Seconds


Snooping on your neighbour’s mail has never been so easy. Just spray some of this “X-Ray Spray” on the side of a sealed envelope and watch in amazement as the paper becomes semi-transparent. It’s completely temporary, as the product will evaporate after about 30 seconds, leaving the piece of mail looking completely un-tampered with.

We can’t think of any situations where the use of this product wouldn’t be either illegal, or at the very least morally reprehensible. But, hey, we don’t judge. We just think it’s pretty cool something like this even exists. It’s $15.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ TheAwesomer ]

Clear Paint Makes Any Surface Into Dry-Erase Board

By David Ponce

Dry erase boards are pretty useful, especially in business settings. But they always involve one thing: a board. The CLEAR paint from company IdeaPaint is a special formula that can turn pretty much any surface into a writeable, and perhaps more importantly, erasable one. This means you can coat a wooden door with it, and use that at your next meeting. Or the backs of the office chairs, though we’re not sure what that’ll accomplish. It’s a supposedly almost doorless application, requires just one coat and no primer. It is pretty darn expensive however: a 50 sq. ft. “kit” will cost you $225. The kit comes with the paint, recommended roller, stir stick, can opener and wet paint sign.

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