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4K TVs For Less Than $1k? Yes, It’s Possible


4K TVs (or Ultra High Definition televisions) are the way of the future, but it’s a future that up until now still would cost a pretty penny or ten. If you’re an early adopter who agreed to pay a princely sum for a 4K set, we’re sorry to inform you that you might’ve overpaid by quite a bit. See, Vizio’s P-Class televisions are giving its major competitors a serious run for their money. A 50 inch set is $999, while a mammoth 70 inch model sells for $2,599. That’s less than some people recently paid for a Sony 55 inch 4K TV. And the p-series are crammed with features, like “Full-Array LED backlighting and advanced local dimming technology with 64 Active LED Zones, Advanced Color Management and Active Pixel Tuning [that] provide viewers with precise color operation for richer, more accurate colors and micro-brightness controls at the pixel level for luminance adjustments, further increasing contrast and picture detail accuracy.”

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This Is A $12 Cellphone


Ever feel like you’re overpaying for your electronics? You are. This is the Gonkai Phone, which can be bought in Shenzhen’s Mingtong Digital Mall, in China. It comes with Bluetooth, an MP3 player, an OLED display and quad-band GSM. What more do you actually, really need? We’re not suggesting you get one, we’re just giving you some perspective on things. While having a $700 smartphone is all fine and well, if all you want to do is make calls while outside, and maybe listen to a little music… there’s no reason you should be paying more than $12!

So how is this even possible?

First, there are no screws. The whole case snaps together.

Also, there are (almost) no connectors on the inside. Everything from the display to the battery is soldered directly to the board; for shipping and storage, you get to flip a switch to hard-disconnect the battery. And, as best as I can tell, the battery also has no secondary protection circuit.

The Bluetooth antenna is nothing more than a small length of wire…

The article linked to below leads to an interesting teardown of this device, replete with pictures and commentary.

[ The Gonkai Phone ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

The Urban Shelf Is An Essential Living Companion

Living in a cramped Manhattan closet? A restroom with a view? A Japanese pod hotel room? Or just sick of traditional bedside tables? First off, may we suggest an upgrade? We hear dining rooms are much more spacious, plus the proximity of a fridge is always a boon. If this is not possible, maybe the Urban Shelf can still make things a little better for you. It’s a simple three-pane folding piece of plastic that turns into a multi-purpose tray. It unfolds into an L-shape that wedges under your mattress (you… do have at least a mattress in this cramped closet, right?) and lets you put your electronics, glasses, TV remote, etc. There’s even a few notches along the side so you can hang your charging cables off its edge, instead of having them laying on the floor like they probably are right now. Sleeping on a sofa, are you? That’s fine, you can probably still wedge the Urban Shelf under a sofa pillow. And if your digs are so, uh, modest, you’ll probably also appreciate the $15 price tag.

[ Product Page ] VIA [The Awesomer ]