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FirstCall Chair is an Uber Comfortable and Private Phone Booth


If you find yourself scooting to the farthest end of the couch or leaving the room to take or make calls just to get some privacy, then you’ll like the idea behind FirstCall. It’s a cushy, comfortable chair that’s shaped like a giant telephone, which is pretty appropriate considering it was designed and made to let people converse on the phone in peace and with privacy.

The cool part is how the top of the chair obscures the person’s face and sort of makes the seat feel more like a booth of sorts.

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Want This: Iron Throne Chair Backboard

Iron Throne Backboard


Everyone on Game of Thrones is fighting for the throne, but you can have it–at least, your very own, non-iron throne–thanks to Telegraph UK and Now TV. The pair are giving away a replica of the throne of swords that comes with the throne backboard and a cushioned seat. Actually, it’s more of a seat than an actual throne since it’s meant to be attached to an armchair or an office chair.

The bad news? The competition is only open to UK residents (so if you are from the UK, then lucky you. You can head on over here to check out the giveaway deets.) You can probably make your own if you’re resourceful and actually have the time to put one together.

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Rocking Bench Lets You Rock to Your Heart’s Content

Rocking Bench

You’re too old for a rocking horse but you’re too young for a rocking chair. So have a seat on the Rocking Bench and rock out to your heart’s content. This unique piece of furniture was designed by Lanzavecchia and Wai with the goal of transforming something meant for kids (in this case, the rocking horse) into a refined piece of furniture for grown-ups.

The saddle provides added stability, although it isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world because of the lack of rests. The cool thing about their design is that they’ve also made a version that’s meant for two people.Continue Reading

Mamoris is a Chair and a Helmet, When You Need One

Mamoris Chair

The Mamoris looks like your typical chair, except for its dome-like design at the bottom of the seat. Upon closer inspection, it might look like one of those bedside commodes, albeit a particularly futuristic-looking one. But it’s not a portable toilet, though. Rather, it doubles as a helmet in case you find yourself in danger from being injured from falling objects, like, say, during an earthquake.

It was designed by Japanese industrial designer Kota Nezu of Znug Design in collaboration with design firm Poplife. It makes sense, since hundreds of earthquakes rock Japan every year. The Mamoris was unveiled recently at Tokyo Designers Week, which wrapped up yesterday.

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‘I Used To Be a Washing Machine': Artist Turns Broken Appliances Into Chairs

Washing Machine Chair

Most people just throw out appliances that conked out rather than shell out some cash for repairs because the former seems like the more economical choice compared to the latter. But instead of sending your old appliances to the junk yard, why don’t you let your creative juices take over and turn it into something else that you can still use?

That’s what industrial art designer Antonina did with her project called “I used to be a washing machine.”

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Real Hugs for Virtual Wishes: Chair Gives Celebrant a Hug For Every Facebook Birthday Greeting

Facebook Birthday Hug Chair

The Outback Steakhouse in Brazil is giving birthday celebrants an extra treat on their special day by giving them a seat on the B-Day Chair. Created in collaboration with ad agency agency Lew’Lara\TBWA, the chair gives the celebrant a real-life hug for every virtual greeting they receive on their Facebook timeline.

All the celebrant has to do is log on to their Facebook account using the tablet attached to the chair. Mechanical arms with gloved hands pop out of the sides of the chair and hug the celebrant every time someone posts on their wall.

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These Giant DSLR Lens Are For Sitting, Not Shooting

DSLR Chair

The first time I saw my brother-in-law cry was when he sat on his fisheye lens after a particularly long shoot. Suffice to say, while his behind was perfectly fine, his lens were not. The second time was when his daughter grabbed his new lens from his bag and proceeded to play catch with her imaginary friend. You can just imagine how that scenario ended.

Breaking your lens is something you won’t ever have to worry about with Spanish design studio Monoculo ginormous DSLR reflex lenses, though. That’s because they’re (clearly) not actual lenses, but stools that were designed and created to look like one.

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Magic Chair Folds Up In A Snap

By Chris Scott Barr

If you need someplace to sit, isn’t a chair usually your first choice? Of course, sometimes you can’t find a chair when you really need one. Perhaps you’re in an area where all of the seats have been taken, or maybe you just need a rest in an area with no seating at all. Then you have to scout around and try to find something that you can rest your bum on, which may not always be fruitful. So I say, why not carry a chair with you?

This video, while uploaded way back in 2007 has been brought to our attention. I have to say, as far as portable chairs go, this one looks like the most interesting. I can’t say that I’d necessarily trust it to hold much weight, judging by how little material is actually there. Not to mention, you should never trust anything presented by a magician. Unfortunately like most magicians, I don’t believe this man has revealed where the chair was purchased (or how it was constructed if it is a custom job).

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Gyroxus Full-Motion Gaming Chair Gets $100 Price Cut

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I grew up on Atari, moved on to Nintendo and then to PC gaming as the years went by. I am always looking for cool gaming gear that will make games more fun and enjoyable. Driving and racing games are one of my favorite genres and things like force feedback steering wheels make the games much more fun. I am still waiting for full-motion simulators to get affordable so I can add one to my collection of gaming gear.

Gyroxus released what it calls a full-motion video game chair this spring. The chair sold for $489 when it was first launched — not too bad for a full-motion simulator. The Gyroxus price was cut significantly today making the chair now sell for $389. The chair is compatible with the PS3, PS2, Xbox, and Windows PCs. The chair has an adjustable back to accommodate users of different heights and a USB port on the chair so you can plug the controller and chair in with one cable.

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