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Liquipel’s Liquipod Makes Any Device Waterproof While You Wait


Lots of people have the habit of dropping their gadgets into puddles of mud or water. It doesn’t matter if it happened accidentally or out of sheer carelessness. Once some devices get wet, they’re busted for good and there’s nothing you can do about it. So don’t let things reach that point–instead, prepare for the worst by coating each of your devices with a waterproof layer using Liquipel’s Liquipod.

Currently on display at CES 2013, the Liquipod is basically a machine that will coat your phone or tablet with Liquipel’s nanocoat so you can waterproof your device anytime, anywhere.

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Tactus Touchscreen Tablet Comes With a Virtual Keyboard You Can Physically Feel

Tactus Touchscreen

Tactus is all about the physical, but I don’t really mean that in the physical sense. You see, with the popularity of touchscreen devices, some people have been clamoring for a keyboard that still retains the feel of the earlier physical keyboards that these mobile devices came with. You’d think having a virtual keyboard feel like a physical keyboard is a near impossible thing, but apparently it’s not because Tactus has managed to do just that.

You might remember the display that they introduced over a year ago, which created physical buttons on the surface at will or on command. It looked good, even at that time while they were still working on its development. Now Tactus has unveiled a 7-inch tablet that makes use of the technology at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, showing off just how well their display works on actual devices.

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HAPIfork is the Fork for Dieters and for the Weight Conscious


CES 2013 is well underway and it’s only a matter of time before the interwebs is flooded with news about quirky devices and gadgets that were unveiling at the annual tech show. The first we’re going to present here is the HAPIfork, which is the smart fork that’s aiming to make a lot of dieters and weight watchers happy.

The HAPIfork has a sensor that detects how fast the user is eating and how often the fork is being used to shove food down the his or her throat. When the fork detects that the user is eating way too fast or way too much, it’ll vibrate gently to remind him or her to slow down. The fork will then send data about the user’s eating habits to a smartphone or computer so that they can be evaluated. It will also be used to draw up a plan that will hopefully encourage the user to stop eating like a glutton.

HAPIfork will launch on Kickstarter sometime in March 2013.

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[CES 2012]: An Infographic And Some Words On The Show

By David Ponce

Infographics are like bite-sized food: they beg to be consumed. So I’m putting a long-ass one after the break that details a bunch of interesting stuff about the largest consumer electronics’ show on the planet. I’m going this Sunday and I’ll be bringing you guys as much coverage as is humanely possible… or at least as much as is possible for me. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you all know that Energizer is sponsoring my way there this year. The only part of this sponsorship that will affect you guys is you will see two articles about them. That’s two out of the couple dozen that will come out, so rest assured the floor is yours. Tell me what you want to see, or even better, how you’d rather have me cover this. I’m thinking live Tweeting from the show floor and having the tweets appear here as a short series of posts, in conjunction with 5 regular articles. What do you think? Any interest in livecasts?

In any case, hit the jump for some data on the show.
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