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[CES 2009] iGo Green Technology Surge Protector Saves You “Vampire Power”


By David Ponce

iGo is known for their line of multi-device chargers. They use an array of interchangeable tips to allow you to charge pretty much anything under the sun. But they do other things as well, and one product that caught my eye is the iGo Green Technology Surge Protector. It’s basically a glorified powerbar with a halfway decent design that won’t look terrible next to your entertainment center. But more importantly, what it does is stop your devices from sucking power when they’re on standby. It features 8 sockets: 4 regular ones, and 4 with the iGo Green Tech. So, lets say you plug your plasma into one of the 4 green ones, when you turn it off, it wont keep on drawing power. In the long run, this can save you a bunch of money, and well, like pretty much everything at CES this year, is Green.

It’s going to cost $69 and be available this summer.

[ iGo’s Website ]

[CES 2009] Eye-Fi Cards Now With Wireless Video Upload

eye-fi-card-customBy David Ponce

We’re big fans of Eye-Fi, makers of SD cards with integrated WiFi which allow you to use any digicam to send your pictures to your network. I won’t spend a good deal of time speaking about their features, other than to let you guys know that as of “sometime in ’09”, the cards will also let you upload videos as well as pictures.

I got a demo on the showfloor and have to admit it works quite well.

[ Eye-Fi ]

[CES 2009] Kodak’s Z980 – 24X Optical Zoom On A $400 Camera

kodak z980

By David Ponce

That headline pretty much sums up why I’m writing about this camera. Kodak’s Z980 is nice looking, but it is yet another one of those bulky pieces of kit meant to make you feel like you’re holding a DSLR, when this is really nothing of the sort. I won’t get into why this is the case, if you’re into photography, you should know. But the $400 Z980 does have one redeeming feature: 24X optical zoom. At that price point, it’s not half bad. And it’s 12MP, in case you want to know.

There’s a bunch of other features, and it looks like an ok camera. They’re all listed in the partial press release, which I’ve pasted, you guessed it, after the jump.

Oh yeah, it’s available “spring ’09”.

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[CES 2009] ClickFree’s Products Make Backing Up Your Files As Palatable As A Tasty Burger


By David Ponce

Any one of the ClickFree family of products is something I actually would give my mom, or any one of the two dozen people I know who can’t backup their files because they find the process mystically confusing. Of all the products I saw at Pepcom, this was quite likely one of the most useful and with the highest mass market appeal. You just plug the device into any USB port… and that’s it. Assuming Autoplay is not disabled, the software will launch and search through your system for any of 400 different file types you’d want to backup. So it’ll find and backup any JPEGs, AVIs, MOVs, etc, automatically, but will overlook things like DLLs, system files or executables. Once it’s done, it’ll give you a report on what was backed up. You unplug it and that’s it: you have a backup.

Next time you plug it in, it will do incremental backups, meaning no dupes. You can even use it on multiple PCs, and the broken down report will tell you which files were backed up from which PC.

There are several products here. Several of them are portable drives in sizes 120GB to 500GB, and one not-terribly-portable 1TB drive. The picture on the left is the 320GB version. The product on the right is the ClickFree Transformer, which is a USB dongle-like device that sits between any old portable drive you may already own, and your PC’s USB drive, thus giving your own drive the full ClickFree functionality. The Transformer is $60.

Link to a PDF press release (because it wouldn’t let me paste without all sorts of annoying formatting) below.

[ Press Release ]

[ ClickFree Website ]

[CES 2009] Phoenix’s HyperSpace – Quick Boot Through Some Kind Of Virtualization


By David Ponce

This isn’t exactly new, but now that I’ve seen it work in person, I think y’all should know about this technology. It’s called HyperSpace, and it’s made by Phoenix, the people behind the BIOS of a good chunk of the PCs out there. What it does, in a nutshell, is allow you to use your PC without having to wait for it to boot. You’re about to board a plane and only have two minutes to shoot off an email, waiting for Windows to go through its rigmarole can be a pain. HyperSpace steps in with near instant-on capability, immediately finds the strongest free WiFi around and allows you to launch a limited number of programs. Should you actually want to run Windows, you can press a button and properly launch it.

It accomplishes this through virtualization, and though the company insists on calling it an “alternate computing environment”, it’s really a stripped down OS that piggybacks on Windows and exists solely to help you bypass boot ups. It is quite useful… but it’s far from free. Here comes the negative.

It comes in two flavors, one of which is pretty much useless in my opinion. And it only works on a subscription type basis. The full HyperSpace Hybrid (the version that can virtualize) costs $60 a year, or $150 for three years. The HyperSpace Dual costs $40 a year… but is not as useful since it can only be used independently of Windows. Should you want to boot Windows, you have to restart and select Windows through a dual-boot menu, hence the name.

Full release after the jump.

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[CES 2009] Liveblogging The Samsung Press Conference (Updated With Photos)

David Ponce

I’m here in Vegas, liveblogging the samsung press conference. keep refreshing this article throughout the next hour to get live updates.

2:42pm Launching the HMX-H106 SSD camcorders. 64GB with solid state drive. 12 hours of HD footage. Getting out of here.

2:37pm God damn connection. Launching a new slim wall mount, that reduces the TV to wall gap from 2 inches to 0.6 inches.

Samsung LCD Mounts (Image property OhGizmo!)

The LED 8000 delivers 240Hz refresh rate. Chrome accented design.

The PDP 850 plasma TV is only 1 inch thick.

Launching the 2233RZ 3D monitor.

2:29pm Finally talking about new products. I’m getting some connectivity problems. Strategic products:

Samsung LCD TV (Image property OhGizmo!)

– LUXIA LED TV line. Redefines energy efficiency, creating a new TV category. Crazy ass contrast ratios, super slim, 40% less power consumption than conventional LCD TVs. Mercury and lead free.
– Samsung LUXIA LED 7000, with [email protected] 2.0 multimedia experience. Internet TV.

Samsung Eco-Friendly LEDs (Image property OhGizmo!)

2:24pm Talking green. Their LED TVs and washing machines have contributed to Samsung being awarded 1,858 eco-friendly certifications.

2:21pm Talking about Intuitive Emotional UI. Being able to customize your menu screens in various Samsung devices, like cameras, video enabled MP3 players. Like the P3. Demo of the interface does indeed show improvement.

2:18pm Launching Samsung LUXIA LED TV, slim TVs with built in tuners, up to 55 inch. Unsurpassed brightness and clarity. Using the unified UI mentioned earlier, to strengthen the brand.

2:15pmWireless Connectivity Solution. Sharing of media between devices. Wireless full HD content transmission. Mobile WiMax. WiMax?

2:14pmYahoo! launching Widget Engine, a developer platform to allow third parties to develop applications that will work with Samsung products. Widgets for the TV. Neat idea if deployed right.

2:13pm Yahoo! talking now about their vision of TV and Internet integration. Working with Ebay, MySpace, CBS to develop TV widgets for cinematic Internet. Being able to interact with web using only remote control.

2:10pmLaunching Samsung Internet TV, integrated with Samsung products, with collaboration with Yahoo! Good stuff.

2:08pmTalking about unified UI. Good thing they thought about this.

2:05pmSamsung’s approach, they’re calling “Seamless Experience”. Explaining their competitive advantage from other companies doing Seamless Experience.

2:00pm Just managed to find a seat middle right of the room. Nice large LCDs and loud music. We’re about to start.

[CES 2009] Zivio Boom, From The Makers Of The Gorrilapod

By David Ponce

A $130 Bluetooth headset with an extendable boom. There you have it. That’s the Zivio Boom right there.

No, really.

Perhaps this is a little underwhelming considering Joby, the company that makes the Zivio Boom also makes the truly innovative Gorrilapod. Next to that, the Zivio Boom is a bit of a letdown.

Still, to be fair, it does have a couple interesting features. Alleged 10h talk time for one. Or the fact that it comes with a set of interchangeable earpieces and an optional ear loop for a custom fit. I also remember the lady mentioning something about the casing made out of stainless steel and them being the only company that does that, but at that point I was too busy trying to snag a free sample to really pay attention. I do remember her saying that the extendable boom had the advantage of being able to isolate your voice really well. I don’t doubt that for a second; the thing practically sits in your mouth. At least… her mouth.

If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth headset, and you don’t mind looking like you’re about to eat a tiny metal straw that comes out your ear, the Zivio Boom is perfect for you.

Full press release after the jump.

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[CES 2009] Tonium’s PaceMaker – A DJ Machine For Everyone

By David Ponce

Or at least everyone who can afford the steep $550 pricetag. That said, despite the eye popping price, the PaceMaker is a fun little toy. It has a 60GB hard drive, and an intuitive user interface that allows just about anyone to liven up a party by becoming a DJ. Or at least a close enough approximation of one. With the PaceMaker, you can learn to mix tracks in less than a minute (two if you’re a grand-mother).

I got a demo of the device, and I really do think I’d be able to pull this off, despite being 6 years old the last time I touched a vinyl disc. The controls are simple to use and laid out in such a way that mixing becomes accessible.

The product hits the shelves in April. The full press release is after the jump.

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[CES 2009] CES Unveiled – We’ve Arrived, So Has CNN, And The Whole World

By David Ponce

The madness begins.

This here is Nicole Lapin from CNN, on the showfloor of CES Unveiled (a pre-CES event where manufacturers show you their stuff before the actual show). She’s here along with what looks like the entire planet: throngs of sweaty reporters with ginormous DSLRs sticking out their chests, elbowing their way to overcrowded booths; slick reps trying their best to convince you that the new coat of paint they’ve put on their product somehow repositions them favorably in a dismally competitive market. While this is going on, an endless stream of waiters constantly refills tables with food fit for a king. Booze is plentiful, and before you know it, like Jason Alexander and Britney Spears, the world’s press has been seduced.

That’s not to say there aren’t any cool things here. Innovation is alive, somewhere, and we’re going to try and dig it up for you. Stay tuned!