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[CES 2009] Behold Our Awesome Roundup Of CES Booth Babes, And Yes… Another Giveaway!

CES Booth Babes

By David Ponce

So, CES is over. Don’t cry, we’ve done enough of that for all of you over our battered feet and crooked backs in the last few days. Instead, cheer up because here is our super awesome collection of CES booth babes, available for your perusal and more importantly, your vote. Yes, not only can voting elect governments and decide between greasy pizza or nutritious McD’s for the office lunch, but it can now also get you some drool-worthy convention floor swag.

We were able to find 13 beautiful ladies willing to be photographed. But it wasn’t easy. Some were clearly used to this sort of thing while others had to be coaxed and convinced they wouldn’t be sharing space with anyone from the other show (NSFW). Some were easily available for the photo op, while yet others had to be fetched from their resting areas after lengthy discussions with careful executives (*cough*Casio*cough*). We wanted to tell you all this so you’re aware of the effort that goes into something like this. Yeah… It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

So, now, hit the jump to see the girls, find out what you might win and vote!

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[CES 2009] Scenes From CES – Restrooms – A Brisk Time-Lapse Walk From The Bellagio To The Imperial Palace

By David Ponce

We don’t spend all our time at the Convention Center, or inside hotels. No no… we also spend an ungodly amount of time getting to and from these places. Here’s what that looks like.

[CES 2009] Simcraft’s SC830 Racing Simulator Will Lighten Your Wallet A Bit

By David Ponce

Got $44k burning a hole in your pocket? Yeah, we bet you do, so that’s why you’ll be one of the first in line for the SC830 from SimCraft. It’s a racing simulator that features three degrees of freedom (roll 40° / pitch 25° / yaw 40°) and “High-fidelity motion actuators and “knuckles” for unsurpassed quick response, and smooth motion curves”. It also seems to come with three LCD screens configured in wraparound fashion, which completely helps to explain the pricetag. If I understood the rep correctly (at first I wasn’t paying attention, having gone to see him to ask him an unrelated stumper), the system will initially work with 18 gaming titles. The website mentions “supported titles” in their documentation, but nowhere can these titles actually be found, so I’m not too sure about this part.

Simcraft’s SC830 Racing Simulator (Image property of OhGizmo!)

Still, the line waiting to try it out seemed eager enough, and the gamers sufficiently rattled. And again, it’s only $44,000. A bargain in this economic climate.

[ Simcraft ]

[CES 2009] Take’s Secret Diary Could Make Tweens Happy. Maybe.


By David Ponce

It’s a flash drive with a numeric keypad that contains software for writing a diary. I’d like to think it’ll attract a certain demographic and I’m also under the impression that this demographic is the tween girl. But here’s the thing: I don’t get these girls. I also don’t believe any tween gals read us, but maybe one of you knows one? So help me out. Do you think they’d like the following?

It’s a 1GB flash drive. It’s protected by a secret code that you have to enter on the numeric keypad before you actually plug the drive in. Once plugged, software is launched that lets the user not only write a diary, but do a bunch of things like: read fortune cookies, interpret dreams, help you get inspired to write, etc. The encryption is military grade and the internal chip covered in epoxy, making a physical break-in impossible. It’s $60 and available from a few retailers.

So… If this something tween girls will like, or just toss in a drawer after mom buys it for them excitedly next Christmas?

[ Secret Diary ]

[ Purchase from Amazon (not an affiliate link) ]

[CES 2009] nPower PEG Charges Your Gadgets From The Spring In Your Step


By David Ponce

Primitive though it may be, walking is an endeavor still enjoyed by a few. And these sprightly urbanites will soon be able to get something in return for their efforts (you know, aside from good health): gadget-recharging electricity. The nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator) is a device that harvests the kinetic energy of your walking and turns it into electricity, charging most devices up to 80% with just one hour’s worth of walking. Toss it into a bag along with any USB 2.0 powered device, and it’ll charge as you walk. The rep did not mention whether jumping around spastically would make things go faster.

The nPower PEG in being pre-sold on their website, and will be available in six months for $149. The company hopes that as it gets manufactured in increasingly larger quantities, the price will drop accordingly.

Full press release after the jump.

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[CES 2009] Anybot’s QA Telepresence Robot – This Is What The Beggining Of The End Looks Like


By David Ponce

Traveling can suck. It’s much more gratifying to sit in your leather throne in your corporate office and order your minions from a distance. Enter QA, from AnyBots, a $30,000 telepresence self-balancing robot that can take you (virtually) to your Singapore child labor camp precocious workforce facility and see how things are going without ever having to leave the comfort of wherever you call home. Once powered up, you log into QA and move it around at will. You face shows up in its chest, your voice is heard through its speakers and more importantly the look of abject subordination is seen (and transmitted back to you, live) on the face of your cowering middle-managers through its soulless camera-eyes. You can make it bend and look around, and even has a laser that you can use to point to things that need to be done.

QA has a battery life of 4 to 6 hours, depending on usage and can move around at speeds of up to 6mph. Currently the company is small and is looking for investors, or any sort of financial help that would allow it to streamline their manufacturing process and drop that kick-in-the-gut $30k price tag.

[ AnyBots ]

[CES 2009] HP’s Useful iPrint Photo App Lets You Print From Your iPhone


By David Ponce

We spent a good portion of Thursday morning listening to HP’s execs talk about their new products with an enthusiasm of near onanistic intensity. Sure, their lineup of laptops, printers and desktops is slick and all, but we here are OhGizmo! tend to stay away from the “Bigger, Faster and Slimmer” school of technological innovation. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to hear HP had been working on an application for the iPhone which allows you to print any pictures you take directly from your phone, on any of HPs WiFi enabled printers connected to your network. We’re not talking revolution here, but it is an added bit of functionality that’s more than welcome on the iPhone.

It will print pictures up to 4″ by 6″, and is available right now from the App store. I saw a demo, and it works just as advertised.

One side note. I’m amused by the fact that HP refers to the “App Store” with quotation marks on their web page. I guess they’re still “getting used” to this whole “iPhone thing”.

[ iPrint Photo (direct download) ]

[ HP’s Website ]

[CES 2009] S1 Audio’s BudBuds and NxSETs Are Both Innovative And A Beating Waiting To Happen


By David Ponce

S1 Audio, a new company with no actual product on the market yet (this comes in Q1 ’09) makes a set of headphones that are interesting for all sorts of reasons. I’ll focus here on two. First, the good (pictured above).

The BudBud headphones feature some really innovative design. They allow you to share your music easily by virtue of the fact that each bud carries… another bud within it. Should your friend want to listen in on your stuff, just detach each of the conjoined buds and hand them over. The device even features separate volume controls. If my memory is correct, this goes for $40 (like a dumbass, I lost my notes. I’ll update later with correct pricing if I’m wrong).


The not so good now. The NxSET series of headphones are meant to wrap around your neck, and project your music up to your ears. Sure, it lets you still hear your environment, reducing your odds of an unpleasant car-face encounter… But they do increase your odds of a fist-face encounter dramatically. Especially if you plan on listening to this on a crowded public transport vehicle. Don’t get me wrong, there definitely is a market for these, I just don’t know that I want to hang with that crowd. Prices vary depending on what options they have, which are all clearly explained in one of the two press releases I’m pasting after the jump.

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[CES 2009] Flatwire – The Sexy Solution To Home Wiring


By David Ponce

Something has got to be said about a useful product that’s able to convincingly double as a “fashion accessory” on the barely-there outfit of a booth babe. Questionable (but not entirely ineffective or unenjoyable) marketing tactics aside, FlatWire makes some amazing products that make me wish I’d have a few large to drop on a home entertainment system. Like the name sort of implies, these guys make flat wires. But I mean, really, really flat. They gave me a sample of 18 gauge electrical wire, and it’s paper thin.

So when you’re wiring pretty much anything in your home (audio equipment, home theater setup, etc.), instead of drilling holes in your walls, knocking down potentially load-bearing studs to get your cables out of view… use flat wires. Stick them on your wall, put a little plaster over them, and paint. No one will ever know they’re there.

You could argue that laying some plaster and painting is almost as labor intensive as drilling holes… but what happens when you’re faced with a brick wall? In any case, it’s nice to have options, and Flat Wire definitely impressed me with their product.

And no, not just because of the booth babe.

Prices vary depending of length and type of cable needed, but of course you’ll be paying a bit of a premium. Nothing outlandish though: 25ft of 18 gauge speaker wires will set you back $38 for instance. Not cheap, but this ain’t no Monster cables.

[ FlatWire ]

P.S. The booth babe didn’t hurt though.