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100% Free Mobile Phone Service w/ Global 3-in-1 SIM Kit – FreedomPop


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FreedomPop. All opinions are 100% mine. -Ed.

If you’ve fully paid for your smartphone, there’s a good chance you’re eligible to have it unlocked. This means that you can use your phone with any carrier of your choice, opening up a world of possibilities. By simply popping in a new SIM into your unlocked phone, you could access FreedomPop’s service for instance and, as you’re about to find out, get a bunch of stuff for very little money.


You’ll be able to travel without worrying about paying a fortune for your carrier’s roaming fees, for one. You won’t be tied to a contract and you can cancel anytime, and you can keep your current phone number if you want. The deal works like this: for all of $5 you’ll receive a SIM that comes with one month of service from FreedomPop, along with a bunch of other perks.

– Global 3-in-1 Sim Card Kit ($15.00 value)
– Global Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB Trial ($19.99/mo value)
– Premium Plus Trial ($7.99/mo value)
– Free Shipping ($14.99 value)
– Total value: $57.97, 91% Off
Today’s Special: $4.99 + Free Shipping

The nice thing about the company is that you’ll get the same kind of coverage you would from the larger carriers, since they pay to use Sprint’s towers. And after you’re done with your free month trial, you can switch to their completely free plan that gives you 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 200MB each month! That’s right, you can have cellphone service, including 200MB of data, for no money per month. If that’s not enough for your needs though, you can upgrade to the $19.99 plan you had during your month trial, or a $39.99/mo plan with triple the data, 3GB.


Here are some of FreedomPop’s features:

– Compatible with most unlocked GSM AT&T and T-Mobile phones
– Use your phone around the world
– Free Basic Plan: 200 mins, 500 texts & 200MB
– No contract. No commitment. Cancel anytime.
– Free unlimited calling & texting between FreedomPop Phones
– High Speed HSPA+ and Nationwide 3G
– WiFi calling and texting from anywhere
– Get a new phone number or keep your own
– Free international calling from over 60 countries
– Earn additional free data every month by adding friends
– Earn unlimited free data by completing partner offers
– FreedomPop service currently only supports Android and Apple devices running Android 4.0+ and iOS 7.0+
– Sim ships activated

If you’re looking for a less expensive way to stay connected, don’t hesitate to check out FreedomPop.

Walmart’s Straight Talk Wireless Plan Gives You Unlimited Freedom For $45 A Month


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk Wireless for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you taken a good look at your cell phone bill recently?  You think you know what you’re getting into and what you’ll pay, but then once you read the items one by one, you notice fees and charges for just about everything. The worst of it is, you have no choice but to keep paying until the end of your contract.  Well, with Walmart’s Straight Talk Wireless, you can get Unlimited talk, text, and data for $45 a month, with absolutely no contract.  You have access to all the same cellular networks, with the same coverage and speeds for basically half the cost of similar unlimited plans.

You’re also not limited to using specific phones, but can bring your own device, keep the same phone number and stay on the same network with the “Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone program”.  That means you’ll continue to enjoy the coverage and reliability you’ve grown used to without paying the outrageous fees.

If you decide to buy a phone from Straight Talk Wireless, you have access to a laundry list of devices with prices starting as low as $39.95.  To give you an idea, the iPhone 5c will set you back $299 while the LG L34C Optimus Fuel Android Smartphone, a full-featured smartphone, is just $29.88!  

Check out Straight Talk Wireless!

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If Speed Is Your Thing, South Korea’s Got You Covered


South Korea’s science ministry has been discussing their next generation of mobile service, and the numbers are dizzying. While the current 4G service there already trumps that of pretty much anywhere with their 300 Mbps “3band-LTE-A” connections available by the end of the year, that still pales in comparison to what they have planned for 5G. See, by 2020, there are plans for speeds 1,000 times greater! This means you could download a full 800MB movie in one second. What? One second? That’s right, in the time it took you to read these last few words, you could have downloaded a full movie. If HD is your thing, you would only have to spend 5.12 seconds to grab 4.6GB.

What’s more, the service will be available even on bullet trains that travel 310 miles per hour. What? They have trains that ravel that fast? We sort of knew this, but it’s only when you start looking at the whole picture that you realize just how far behind our infrastructure is, right here in North America. 310 miles per hour bullet trains, 5G cellular service that downloads an HD movie in 5 seconds? Come on… they’re past making us look bad, now they’re just gloating.

VIA [ DVice ]

This Is What Cellular Signals Would Look Like If You Could See Them With The Naked Eye


The above is a visualization by Nickolay Lamm that shows us what Chicago would look like if cellular signals were visible with the naked eye. It’s trippy and fascinating, and above all it isn’t just a fanciful interpretation, but is based on some solid understanding of how our cellular infrastructure works. “Danilo Erricolo, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago and Fran Harackiewicz, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Southern Illinois University Carbondale—who consulted on the psychedelic project—explain:”

A regular, hexagonal grid of cellular base-station sites is conceptualized for Chicago [above], with stations at the corners of the hexagons. The area within each sector antenna radiation pattern has different users being assigned different frequencies and their signals combine to form a single perceived color in that instant. Different channel combinations from sector to sector are indicated by different colors. The channel combinations shown are not static, but rather change rapidly in time as different users are assigned different channels. But, if you were to take a photo of these rapid changes, you’d likely see a wide array of colors as seen in the illustration. Near the downtown area more users are likely to be found and the hexagonal cells are smaller to serve approximately the same numbers of users found in larger cells elsewhere. Antenna signals extending beyond the original cells provide coverage over part of Lake Michigan.

We are surrounded by an always-on cacophony of electromagnetic radiation; it’s a blessing that our eyes are only able to see a small sliver of it. Visualizing it only serves as a fascinating reminder of this.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of these.

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Room Spy Bug Audio Surveillance Listening Device


Let’s not get into the legality of this device. But if you have a need to listen in on conversations for whatever reason, the Spy Bug Audio Surveillance gadget pictured above should do the trick. About as small as a pack of matches, it accepts a SIM card, which means you can just call it anytime you want to eavesdrop. Better yet, you can set it so that anytime there’s a sound above 45dB within 10m, it calls you!

– Use with any mobile SIM card (We recomend Verizon Wireless): Insert the SIM card; conceal the device where it can’t be seen; dial the SIM card phone number from your phone; now you can listen in!

Again, not sure how legal something like this is in your jurisdictions, so use wisely. It’s $60.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Dumbest Gadget Ever Arrives: Blutooth Handset TK2

By David Ponce

“Yo dawg… we heard you like phones. So we gave your phone a phone.” Yeah. That’s pretty much what’s going on here. See, the Blutooth Handset TK2 connects to your cellphone through Bluetooth and all it does is allow you to speak (and listen, duh). The thing is… you’re supposed to hold it in your hand. Like a phone! So in a way, it’s a smaller phone that you use… to use your phone. It has no other point. It doesn’t free your hands, it does the opposite.

Granted you can pair it with more than your cellphone, so perhaps this can be a tiny VoIP device… Or something. It does feature Bluetooth v2.1, which means you could pair it to your cellphone and something else simultaneously. So maybe you can eke out a use that way. Like if you’re at home and are taking Skype and cellular calls.

But still, come on!

It’s $23.

[ Product Page ]