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Custom-Made Gravy Boat Lets a Cat Puke All Over Your Food

Puke Cat Gravy Boat

Nobody wants to eat puke. Cat vomit doesn’t sound very appealing, either. So if you’re the type of person who gets a kick out of grossing people out with the food on your plate or with the stuff that you put into your mouth, then this gravy boat’s for you. While you definitely shouldn’t put real cat puke into it, you can whip up otherwise gross-looking sauces and syrups to pour over your grub to give people the illusion that your catty gravy boat is puking all over your food.

This Puking Kitty Gravy Boat was made by artist GingerELA, who described it as follows:

It’s a cat. It’s a gravy boat. It’s puking. It’s the first thing I’ve made for myself and I LOVE IT. Inspired by the barfing squirrel gravy boat posted on Laughing Squid, I just had to make my own.

Hit the break to watch a video of the cat ‘barfing’ all over her waffles!

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Fat Pincushion Cats Dressed Up as Your Favorite Characters are Purrrfect!

Fat Pincushion Cats

Cats purr, meow, and cough up hairballs that are as big as their heads sometimes, but we love them anyway. The true testament to that statement stems from the fact that there are a gazillion memes and YouTube videos that are all dedicated to the smartness and prowess of the feline species.

Aside from this, there’s also a ton of cat-related products that feature cats in all sorts of costumes and positions, like these Fat Pincushion Cats. I think you’ll have a hard time sticking any pins and needles into them because they just look too darned adorable. They’re dressed up in all sorts of funky garb too, and if you’re as geeky as I think you are, then you’ll most likely recognize what they’re wearing and who they’re supposed to be.

Check out more cat pincushions in cushion after the break.

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Fat Cats Will Think These Cat Headphones Are the Cat’s Meow

Cat Headphones

So the sofa with the cat habitrail was just a concept, but these Cat Headphones aren’t. They’re actually the brainchild of Sol Republic and Meowingtons, who have decided to churn out ten of these super limited edition babies that’s perfect for feline audiophiles.

Your cat might hate you if you get one of these thousand-dollar headphones (because, really, they’re probably uncomfortable and a pain to wear), but ASPCA won’t. That’s because all proceeds from the sales of the Cat Headphones will go straight to fund their animal advocacy efforts.

Hit the jump to check out an infomercial showing off the Cat Headphones and a link to join the waitlist so you’ll be notified once they go on sale.

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