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3-Ring BinderPad iPad Case Makes Me Wish I Was Going Back To School In September

BinderPad iPad Case (Images courtesy ZooGue)
By Andrew Liszewski

I used to think my Trapper Keeper binder was the epitome of high-tech learning. Heck, I’m pretty sure I even had a calculator that attached to the 3-ring bindings inside. But I might as well have been carrying around a chalkboard compared to what today’s kids get to tote around at school. ZooGue’s BinderPad case is really just another iPad-friendly polyester sleeve, with cutouts providing access to the display and hardware buttons. But it sets itself apart with an extra flap punched with 3 holes allowing it to clip-in to a 3-ring binder, not unlike my old calculator used to. Except that the iPad can be used for way more than just spelling out you-know-what. $29.99, available now in black or grey finishes.

[ iPad 2 BinderPad Pouch ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]

Core Yoga Mat Organizer

Core Yoga Mat Organizer (Images courtesy Quirky)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m fairly certain that half the people I see walking around carrying rolled-up yoga mats, and dressed head-to-toe in lululemon garb, are just doing it to be stylish. I have my doubts they’re actually headed to, or from, a yoga session. So whether you’re a yoga poser trying to keep up with the joneses, or actually enjoy a regular workout, this clever Quirky concept will make it easier to carry your mat and other paraphernalia.

The Core is a combination water bottle, carrying container and strap that you wrap your yoga mat around, making it easier to keep everything you have to carry together. The Core even has a rounded, yet slightly triangular, design so that it doesn’t get away from you while you’re wrapping or unwrapping your mat. At the moment it’s unfortunately still a Quirky concept though, waiting for enough support to make it a reality. But for just $20.99 you can make a pre-sale commitment so the project can reach its goal of 800 and go into production.

[ Quirky - Core Yoga Mat Organizer ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Pose Camera Case

Pose Camera Case (Images courtesy Quirky)
By Andrew Liszewski

The obvious advantage to carrying a P&S digital camera is that they’re small and compact. But in order to keep it safe, you probably want a case for it. And if you happen to use it for a lot of group shots including yourself, a tripod or mount becomes a handy thing to bring along. And then suddenly your compact digital camera isn’t quite so compact with a bag full of accessories tagging along. So the Pose from Quirky manages to merge a few of those items together, helping to keep your P&S camera easy to carry.

First and foremost it’s a zip-up case that’s easy on the eyes with its rubber web-like design on the outside, which also happens to make it weather resistant. But when fully unzipped the Pose serves as a pretty functional and flexible tripod/camera mount. Literally. From the looks of it, hidden away inside the case is a series of bendable metal wires that allow it to be shaped into a stand, or wrapped around a pole. Allowing for hands-free and stable photography. That fancy rubber outer finish also provides an extra bit of grip when the case is used as a stand, and on the inside you’ll find a quick-release tripod mount making it easy to attach or remove your camera.

It’s $23.99 when purchased from Quirky as a presale item. But if and when they sell the 1,000 needed for it to go into production, the price goes up to $29.99.

[ Quirky - Pose ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Neostitch iPhone 4 Case Lets You Cross-stitch Your Own Custom Design

Neostitch iPhone 4 Case (Images courtesy Connect design)
By Andrew Liszewski

You’d think by now the world would have run out of ideas for unique iPhone cases. But this one from Korean company Connect design brings a new twist. Instead of coming with some pre-made design or graphic, it’s perforated with a grid of tiny holes allowing you to use a needle and thread to create a cross-stitch design. It looks like the case comes in your choice of six different base colors, and possibly a few spindles of colored thread to get you started. It’s only $18 too, and based on the endless number of pixel art designs you can find online, it seems particularly well-suited for retro gaming fans.

[ Neostitch iPhone 4 Case ] VIA [ HolyCool ]

Kapok iPhone Case Gives It More P&S-Like Functionality

Kapok iPhone Case (Images courtesy Canopy)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s still a while away before you can officially install it on your iPhone, but the iOS 5 update will finally bring the much anticipated ability to take a photo with your iPhone using the volume button. Making a lot of third party-accessories that promise to add this ability somewhat obsolete. Unless they avoid those one-trick-pony trappings like the Kapok case from Canopy manages to do. Besides added protection and even very useful tripod mounts, the case interfaces with your iPhone’s dock connector providing additional functionality when taking photos.

A set of two dedicated shutter buttons let you do half-presses for setting focus and auto-exposure like with a P&S camera, and when used with the accompanying free Canopy Camera Tools app you can even use the second shutter button to capture stills while recording videos. Or, if you’re a developer type, there’s even an open source SDK for the case letting you write your own app and take advantage of those dual buttons however you’d like. At $69.95, available for pre-order now, the Kapok case is a bit on the expensive side, but it does include a free mini ball head that can even be used as a makeshift tripod with the packaging.

[ Kapok iPhone Case ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

Alpinist Extra Rugged P&S Camera Cases

Alpinist Extra Rugged P&S Camera Cases (Images courtesy Mogomoto Prototype LLC)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re the clutzy type who’s always dropping their electronics – like off the side of a mountain – these Alpinist metal camera cases are pretty much the only chance your digital camera has of surviving. They look like a black box recovered from an alien spacecraft, but are actually made here on good ol’ Earth from machined aircraft grade 6061 T6 and 5052 aluminum alloys. As a result they weigh less than 165 grams but are impact resistant and water resistant when the lid is closed and sealed.

Inside the cases are lined with strategically positioned low density foam to absorb some of the impact should its durability be put to the test, and on the outside there’s loops and mounts for attaching carabineers or strapping it to your pack. The Alpinist cases are available in a wide variety of sizes designed to fit the smallest compact P&S cameras up to larger sub-DSLR models like the Leica D-Lux, and range in price from $58.95 up to $119.95.

[ Alpinist P&S Camera Cases ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Speck’s New HandyShell iPad 2 Case – Hooray For Handles!

Speck's HandyShell iPad 2 Case (Images courtesy Speck)
By Andrew Liszewski

For whatever reason, these days you really only see handles built into electronics designed for kids and toddlers. I understand that their tiny hands can use a bit of extra help when it comes to holding onto things, but handles can be just as useful for adults too! I might like the fact that my P&S camera can slip in a pocket, but at the same time I would not fault Nikon for slapping a big old handle on the side of my DSLR either. So good on Speck for coming up with their HandyShell case for the iPad 2.

Like most semi-functional cases the HandyShell does more than just protect the iPad 2 with a thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate housing. It also features a unique pop-out handle on the back that can be swiveled around for propping up the tablet in different orientations. And for a variety of other applications including hanging it in the kitchen so it can bang against pots and pans, or as a faux neck for playing your iPad as a small guitar. I also like the raised curved ridge on the back which provides something else to grip onto when holding the iPad in your hand. As simple cases go its design has a lot of potential functionality, though $54.95 it’s a little on the pricey side.

[ Speck HandyShell iPad 2 Case ] VIA [ Fancy ]

Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case

Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case (Images courtesy Snow Peak)
By Andrew Liszewski

Until Star Trek IV‘s promise of transparent aluminum comes to be, titanium will remain one of the coolest metals available here on Earth. It’s light, strong, non-corrosive, is used in the construction of stealth aircraft and can now be used to protect your iPhone 4. Snow Peak’s simple iPhone 4 case is made in Japan, pressed from a single piece of titanium to protect your device without ever feeling like it’s being weighed down. We’re talking a weight of just 0.6oz! Rubber protectors on the inside prevent the iPhone 4 from getting scratched while it’s inside (there is metal on metal contact after all) and the case is expected to be available sometime this month for $119.95.

[ Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case ] VIA [ High Snobiety ]

SharkEye Rugged iPhone Case Features A Sliding Screen Door

SharkEye Rugged iPhone Case (Images courtesy SharkEye)
By Andrew Liszewski

Most iPhone cases, even those purporting to be rugged, still have one weak spot. Since it’s a touchscreen device they always leave the screen exposed, meaning there’s still a chance your phone could get damaged, and no one likes a broken iPhone. But the rugged cases from a company called SharkEye are the first I’ve encountered that also protect the display. Instead of just using a clear screen protector though, their cases feature a sliding frosted door inspired by a shark’s nictitating membrane. It of course means you can’t use the touchscreen while the door is closed, but you can at least see who’s calling or what track is playing.

And like other rugged cases, the SharkEye features a hard plastic outer shell combined with a soft elastomer inner-lining to absorb most of the impact force of a dropped iPhone without damaging the hardware inside. And given the ports are all protected with easily removable rubber plugs, I’m going to assume the SharkEye is at least splashproof or water-resistant. $49.95 available for both the AT&T and Verizon versions of the iPhone 4.

[ SharkEye Rugged iPhone Case ] VIA [ CNET ]