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Sensus iPhone Case Adds Two Touch-Sensitive Surfaces

Here’s a product we’d love to see succeed but for which we have little hope. It’s called the Sensus and is technically yet another case for the iPhone. However, it’s got a couple of features that could make it pretty awesome: its surface is touch sensitive. The idea is that it could add PS Vita-like controls to your phone. So you could play games and control them with your fingers resting on the back of the device rather than directly on the screen, which has always been a chief complaint amongst mobile gamers. Another use would be reading, and being able to turn pages without smudging your screen. There are two separate touch surfaces, one on the back and another along the edges, and it even contains a processor of its own that’s dedicated to processing the touch inputs. This could in theory free up processing power on the iPhone itself, so it could focus more on non touch-related tasks.

It all sounds pretty cool, so why are we a little hopeless? Well, mainly because the Sensus’ success will depend on developer support. It just won’t work if developers don’t code their applications with the Sensus’ functionality in mind. And while the company claims to have “excited developers” on board, that’s a claim that’s easy to make. Until we see who and how many, it’s dead in the water. Still, you should know it’ll be available for $59 in Q1 2013, but you can pre-order now for $39.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

The Readycase Is The Swiss Army Knife Of iPhone Cases

iPhone cases?! Yaaawwn!! Amirite? But hear us out: the Readycase doesn’t look like your average, run-of-the-mill case. Although it is primarily a 3mm thin protection for your mobile, it also doubles as a multipurpose tool. It’s loaded with a bunch of things that could actually be useful now and then. For instance, it’s got a “headphone clip; a magnetic quick-snap ring for interchangeable camera lenses; a 8GB/16GB USB drive which doubles as a multi-orientation, adjustable kick-stand; a multi-tool with a bottle opener; serrated blade, and screwdriver.”

Right now it’s a fully-funded project on IndieGoGo and $40 will get you started. At that price you get both an iPhone 4S and 5 body, as well as a 8GB flash drive.

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How About A Little Wood For An iPhone Case?

The iPhone 5 is nigh, and its relatively minor cosmetic changes mean that the entire accessory ecosystem gets to start churning out a new generation of products once again. We’ll soon be flooded by new docks, clocks, robots, and teddy bears that work with the newest iPhone. Of the first batch of these, we really like the above Miniot Book. It’s made from hand crafted wood and gives your phone a kind of organic chic that we feel serves as a good counterbalance to the phone’s industrial coldness. A slotted hinge along the side lets you turn one side of the cover into an angled stand so it’s kind of dual-purpose as well.

Of course, the words “hand-crafted wood” don’t typically find themselves in the same sentence as the word “cheap” (well… except here), and the Minion Book is no exception: $143 once it’s launched.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Stabil-i Case Is A Simple, Cheap, Pocket-Sized Steady-Cam Attachment For The iPhone

It was only two weeks ago that we were reporting on the Picosteady, a steadycam rig for the iPhone. It was lighter and cheaper than traditional steadying devices, although at $139 it now seems really expensive when compared to the $40 Stabil-i. This is a very compact video stabilization phone case; it’s both a protective case for the iPhone and a steadycam rig. Granted, it adds some bulk and weight: it increases the length of your phone by 5% (dock to power button), 15% in width, and will make up 55% in thickness (front face to back). It also represents a 35% increase in weight, mostly due to the counterweight’s presence. But the tradeoff is that you’ll be able to shoot smooth, fluid video pretty much anywhere you are, within seconds. The sample clips included in the demo video after the jump are very impressive, especially given the fact that this is a $40 device.

It currently only works with the iPhone, though other models will come later. It’s going through the funding phase on Kickstarter and for a little while longer, a $33 pledge will get you one. It’s $44 after these early bird models are sold out.

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If You Really, Absolutely, Positively, Just Don’t Want To Use A dSLR

By David Ponce

The above product looks like it could be cool, until you start thinking about things in detail. It’s called the Phocus iPhone Case and it’s a rather large and rugged case that can ultimately be used with Nikon or Canon EOS lenses. It’s got a standard tripod thread so you can stabilize your newly created camera and take somewhat decent pictures. But we’re iffy on this and we’ll tell you why. First off, the standard case comes with its own lenses: $99 for wide angle and macro lenses, and $139 if you add a telephoto lens. But if you want to use your own dSLR lenses, you have to buy special 35mm adaptors: $220 for Canon lenses and $245 for Nikon. They’ll come with spacers so you can maintain the proper focal length. At this point, you’re $320 deep in the best case scenario, and that’s not even including the fancy lens. You don’t have electronic control over that lens either, which means the shutter is the iPhone’s. And the sensor… It’s… a really convoluted way of taking pictures when you could toss in a couple hundred dollars more and just buy a real camera. But hey, if you really, absolutely…. You get the idea.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

This iPhone Case Doubles As A Stun Gun

By David Ponce

It’s sad to say that crime is pretty rampant worldwide, but it is especially so in the US. And while carrying a stun gun around with you may not do much if you’re faced with someone with an actual gun, there are many situations where it can tip the balance your way. The YellowJacket is an iPhone 4S case that also pulls double duty as a 650,000V stun gun. Simply activating it will generate a loud and visible spark across the two terminals and could serve as a deterrent to the casual assailant. Should they get closer to you, touching them with the tip of the case will incapacitate even a large male, giving you time to run away to safety. Yes, the case is pretty bulky, but on the bright side if you know you’re not going to be in any potentially dangerous situations, you can flip a switch and provide up to 20 additional hours of battery to your phone. There are safety features built in to prevent accidental discharges too, so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself with it.

It’s currently a project on IndieGogo, and a $100 pledge will get you yours. You should of course check not only your local laws for the legality of carrying something like this, but also inquire into specific places you visit, like airports or some venues, which might not allow them.

[ Product Page ]

Resin Based iPhone Skin Lets You Stick Your Phone To Things

By David Ponce

Mostly, the pictures make it look like you’ll be able to stick your phone to a window and take pictures. Which is kind of cool, we guess. But really if you think about it, when was the last time you wished you could just prop your phone up on a window and have it stay there? Yeah, us neither. But whatever, for $20 you can do just that with the Ugard Resing Skin, an iPhone case covered in a special material that makes it somewhat tacky and adhesive. Supposedly it leaves no residue, although we can imagine that it gathers dust pretty well and that it would make inserting and removing from pocket marginally more difficult. So we’re not altogether sold on the concept, cheap as it is at €15.50 (~$20 USD).

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Would You Pay $1,600 For An 8-Bit Mushroom PC Case?

By David Ponce

We all love us some Mario, and vintage gaming, and 8-bit things and whatnot. And sure, that PC case you see in the picture is nice and would probably give your desktop some swagger… But it’s $1,600. Yeah, that’s just for the case. This guy on Etsy makes them. He then says he’ll work with you to select the PC components you want, and assemble it all for you, install the drivers, etc… while of course adding the price of those components to the already stratospheric $1,600.

Then, he’ll ship it to you… for an estimated $200!

Yeah, we’ll pass. But hey, money has been known to burn holes in some people’s pockets, so knock your socks off if this is your thing.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]

Magnifi Case Lets You Use Your iPhone With Almost Any Optical Instrument

By David Ponce

We’re not going to launch into a sales pitch about the iPhone’s camera. It’s nice, ok, but whatever. It’s nice enough to carry around in your pocket and happens to have a smartphone attached to it. So it stands to reason that you’re going to start looking for ways to use it in more situations than it was originally intended for. The Magnifi case lets you position your phone right over the eyepiece of almost any optical instrument, and lock it in place for easy photographing/recording. It has a detachable eyepiece adapter that locks onto the rest of the case through a “bayonet mount”, meaning a twist-to-lock mechanism that not only secures it in place, but makes it simple to upgrade later to different types of adapters should you need to. It’s not a full case in the sense that you won’t be toting your phone around in it; it’s more of a slide-in affair, with a safety latch to prevent the iPhone from sliding out.

Magnifi was designed to work with eyepieces that are 1in – 1.5in in diameter (25mm – 38mm). If your eyepiece has large eye seals, they must be removable. In order to align you phone’s camera with the eyepiece, Magnifi must be able to slide down over the eyepiece at least 1in (25mm) without obstruction.

Currently a fully funded project on Kickstarter, Magnifi is $60 with an eventual retail price of $80.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Wired ]