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New Mophie Juice Pack Is Thinner, Packs More Juice

By David Ponce

The only thing we hate more than bulky cases protecting our iPhones is running out of power hallway through the day. Which happens. A lot. Mophie has done a decent business by being aware of the issue and creating a protective case that includes a secondary battery which can be used to recharge your phone when it needs it. Of course it added some bulk to your phone, so it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The new version, which the company is calling the Juice Pack Air, still adds some heft, but less so than before. The new case is “10% thinner and 5% lighter than the previous generation, while providing 25% more power at 1500mAh.” This means that you could pretty much double your usage, although your mileage may vary.

It’s $80.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite iPhone Case

By David Ponce

It’s a recurring theme amongst geeks: Han Solo Frozen in carbonite will show up in a variety of products and will usually be a good seller. We suspect the above case will be no exception.

This ultra slim “barely there” style iphone case is designed to fit 4 and 4S models and simply snaps over your phone. My covers are designed and printed in my shop using a dye process which actually binds the ink with the surface, resulting in a durable, long-lasting imprint on your custom case! There are openings for your buttons and camera lens.

And even though it looks like it’s an embossed case, it’s not. That’s a flat image you’re looking at, albeit a pretty high resolution one.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

Smartguard iPhone Case Packs Some Pepperspray

By David Ponce

Leaving the home with your keys, your wallet and your phone is usually all you need. But what if you worry about your own safety. Muggings happen, and they’re not usually as entertaining as when it happened to that girl in that TV show with the city and all the fashion and stuff. Packing some pepperspray is never a bad idea, and the SmartGuard case for the iPhone features a special compartment to do just that. A specially shaped can of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) fits right in there, and a special plastic tab prevents accidental discharge. As soon as you take the can out of the case, it’s ready to shoot 6 half second bursts of OC, at up to 5 feet away.

This unfortunately appears to be available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria only. It’s €37.50 for the case, and additional pepperspray bottles are €20.

[ Product Page ] VIA All Over Teh Intertubes

Would You Let Your Infant Near Your iPhone?

By David Ponce

If you’re going to consider doing something as potentially insane as handing your iPhone to your drooling, babbling, tantrum-having and object-tossing infant, you might want to consider some protection for it. Turns out Fisher-Price makes a special case for your phone called the Laugh And Learn Baby iPhone Case. It’s supposed to be super tough and comes in two versions: one that locks the home button and one that doesn’t. I’d suggest the one that locks it, but hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always see what’ll happen if your 1 year old gains access to your contact list.

There are also some Fisher-Price learning apps that you can download and have running while the phone is in the case. Oh, and might I suggest enabling Airplane Mode, unless you want baby answering a call from your boss and having one memorable conversation…

It’s $20.

[ Product Page ]

Video: Watch An iPad Freefall From 100,000 Feet

By David Ponce

I guess that G-Form, makers of the super tough Extreme Edge iPad case (among other things), are trying to recreate some of the marketing magic that Blendtec had going with its Will It Blend series. They’ve produced a series of videos putting the iPad through seemingly increasingly horrifying torture tests, from dropping a bowling ball onto it to tossing it out of a moving car. The latest such video has them tie the iPad with case to a weather balloon and letting it rise to the edge of space. 100,000 feet or so. Then the balloon pops and everything comes back down. Of course, since they’re releasing the video, the iPad survives.

I’m not sure this particular video is that compelling a case for the Extreme Edge’s toughness; the entire freefalling setup would hit terminal velocity way before the 100,000 had been exhausted. Also, the trailing shreds of balloon made it so that it landed screen facing up; the other way around would have produced very different results. Still, it’s entertaining to watch. The case itself is $45.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Tedchnabob ]

Pleather Alligator Skin iPad 2 Case For Those With Alternative Tastes

By David Ponce

So you like yourself a little gator, huh? That Smart Cover nonsense for the iPad 2 was just too corporate chic for you, so you need something that speaks to the Crocodile Dundee in ya. Yeah, we got you covered, hermano. This here fake alligator skin cover fastens with an elastic band. Doesn’t sound too fancy until you realize that it wakes the iPad 2 from sleep when opened and does the opposite when closed. There doesn’t seem to be no magnet magic like a Smart Cover, but there ain’t no need for that as you’ll be slipping the tablet inside of this thing, friend. There’s even a peephole for that Apple to shine through.


Keep readin’ for pics and links.

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WANT: Megaman II iPhone Cases

By David Ponce

You’re my age and somewhat normal: you played Megaman and loved it. Now go get yourself some cases! Yes, there’s Proto Man, Robot Master, Bass…


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Monolith iPhone Case Packs A Projector

By David Ponce

The situations in which we’d find ourselves needing to project images from our iPhones onto some surface are few and far between. Still, we’re not all created equal and we can imagine there are those who would indeed enjoy the ability to do just that. For those people, the Monolith case by Century gives you the ability to project images in 640×360 resolution, with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 12 lumens of brightness. The largest projection size recommended is 60 inches (not 60cm as others have stated, unless the info in the promotional video is incorrect), although at 12 lumens, you better be in a dark environment. The Monolith also does double duty as an external battery pack, raising your phone’s life by an estimated 50%. It will require 4 hours to fully charge although it shouldn’t impact your phone’s charge time.

Sadly again, it’s Japan only at the moment and costs around $260.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a video with totally not annoying music. At all.

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Your iPod Touch Could Get A New Face Every Day

By David Ponce

Griffin’s Faces Cases are made from silicon and let you customize the look of your iPod touch on a daily basis. They come with three sets of mouths and six different eyes so you can easily swap them out for a total of… well let’s see now. How many configurations does that make? 6 choices for the left eye, say, multiplied by 5 remaining choices for the right. That’s 30. Multiply that by 2, since there are two eyes, so we’re at 60. Finally multiply that by the 3 mouths and you’ve got a total of 180 different configurations.

Of course this whole calculation was unnecessary, but there really isn’t a whole lot to say on this product. It’s quirky and it’s $25.

[ Faces Case ] VIA [ Geeky Gadgets ]