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Volkswagen Gamifies Your Trip with SmileDrive

Volkswagen Android Game

Road trips are all fun and games unless you draw the shortest straw and are the unfortunate designated driver. Making driving more fun and less of a chore though is SmileDrive, an app by Volkswagen that’s compatible with dashboards that run on Android. The neat part is that you don’t have to drive a VW to join in on the fun; it’s playable on any car of any make or model, as long as you’re able to connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth.

Once your phone’s connected, the app runs in the background and you’ll be able to earn achievements, stickers, and “punches” depending on the cars you spotted during your commute. You’ll get a “punch” whenever you pass a VW Beetle on the road and a “twinsies” medal if you pass a car that looks exactly like yours.

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Volvo Sets Out to Build Crash-Free Cars by 2020

Volvo Crash Free Car

Tens of thousands of people die each year due to car accidents. Often times, people are to blame, but that’s not stopping Volvo from wanting to develop crash-free cars by the year 2020. Volvo isn’t the only carmaker that’s hard at work building safety systems that will provide the driver with additional tools to avoid vehicular accidents.

These systems include: pedestrian detection in the dark, animal detection, road edge and barrier detection, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, self parking, and adaptive cruise control with steer assist.

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Five Outrageous Mods That Every Car Owner Should Never Do

Cars Blast Off

Dudes do the darndest things to their cars. There are some who are so obsessed with modding that they constantly work on their cars until they no longer look like cars that can be safely driven on the road with children on board. Others aren’t as extreme, although their vehicles look more like scrap junk instead of cars when they’re done with their custom mods.

It’s time to draw the line between a good car mod and a really bad mod, starting with the first one above. One exhaust is normal, two might look cool, three might still be acceptable, but more than that is just overkill.

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Awesome Grandpa Transforms Old Daewoo Into a Batmobile for His Grandson

Daewoo Batmobile

We’ve seen our fair share of awesome moms and dads who go the extra mile to make their kids happy. There’s Cory, who modded her kid’s push car and turned into a DeLorean, and geek dad Mike, who modded Legend of Zelda so that his daughter could play as a heroine instead of Link.

Then there’s awesome grandpa Alan Bennet who modded an old Daewoo Matiz and transformed it into an original-series Batmobile with an accompanying red Bat phone.

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ResQMe Keychain Could Save Your Life In Case Of Accident

This product’s been around for a few years, but we’re sure some of you would still love to know it exists. It’s a very special keychain that serves two purposes: to cut your seatbelt and punch out a window in case of a car accident. It’s a horrible thing to think about but it’s entirely possible that after a wreck your seatbelt refuses to detach. Or your door to open. If you have to get out of there fast (sinking into a river, for example), the ResQMe could save your life. The window punch is activated simply by pressing the device against the window: a spring loaded mechanism triggers and launches a carbide tip into the glass, shattering it. Cutting the seatbelt involves inserting it into the slot and pulling across your chest. Easy.

It’s $11 and tiny enough that unless you’re really in love with your current keychain, there’s no reason not to get it. Just in case.

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This Smart Car Comes With Its Own Drive-In Theater

Ok, this is just a concept car for the moment, for the Smart Forstars has one kickass feature that we haven’t seen anywhere else. The hood has an integrated projector, which means that as long as you’re parked in front of a flat wall someplace, you got yourself a drive-in theatre. You connect your phone to the system wirelessly, and it gets the videos from there. Audio of course is pumped through the car’s sound system. There’s no details on the brightness or even resolution of this thing, but that’s beside the point. We can think of a number of scenarios where, uh, young couples would enjoy having this on their car. Smart move, Smart car.

It’s currently on display at the Paris Motor Show, and we’re not sure if it’s actually going to go into production. We give our seal of approval.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ DVice ]

Uglify Your Car In The Name Of Aerodynamics With The Gaspods

Gas is expensive, ain’t it? Everyone except maybe the residents of Venezuela (who pay around $.15 per gallon) are suffering and manufacturers are doing everything they can to convince us they’re working on making cars more efficient. But are they? If progress on that front isn’t swift enough to your taste, you could always take matters into your own hands. Improving the aerodynamic coefficient of your car would increase its mileage, so Bob Evans, an American industrial designer, came up with the GasPods. These are aftermarket… “airfoils” that allegedly reduce drag by “expanding, organizing, and enhancing the airflow” coming off the back of the vehicle. A set of ten such airfoils placed on the rear of the roof of the car reduce drag by 5%, and adding a few more along the sides on the rear increases that efficiency to 6.7%. The wind-tunnel and PC-simulation tested pods feature rare earth magnets behind a rubber base, so they can be easily attached to your car and just as easily removed once you’ve had enough of people laughing at you.

But hey, if it saves you money in the long run, who cares how much people laugh? The product itself is cheap enough, with them being “$29.95 for a set of three adhesive-backed pods in a stock color, and up to $124.95 for a custom-painted set of nine magnetic pods.”

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Our Childhood Come To Life: Stunt Drivers Push Real Cars Through Giant Loopty-Loop

By David Ponce

So, last weekend, something awesome happened: two stunt drivers successfully launched a pair of cars through a 60 foot tall full loop during the X Games in LA. The track was called the Team Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare. Green driver Greg Tracy and yellow driver Tanner Faust pushed their cars to 52 mph and were subjected to 7 Gs while performing the stunt. It did go well, however, and was even capped with a small jump at the end. You can watch all the action in the video below.

This was all marketing however (when is it not?): Hot Wheels was promoting their new track, the… Team Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare Snare Stunt Set. A $22 toy.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Do You “Like” Porsche On Facebook? Your Face Might Be On This Special Edition Cayman S

By David Ponce

So, this is marketing done right. To celebrate their reaching 2 million Likes on Facebook, Porsche decided to make a special Cayman S with an intricate mosaic made up of the profile pictures of each one of those fans. That alone is pretty cool, but it’s what they’re doing with this car that’s smart. Aside from putting it on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart until January 27th 2012, they’ve made a special section on their website just for it. There, you can view the car from several angles, zoom in, and pan around until you spot yourself. It’s a game of Where’s Waldo with a sea of 2 million faces. You can bet a bunch of people are going to spend a truckload of hours poring over every inch of that car. Granted, these people are already fans of the brand, but it’s a safe bet that many of them will go and say to their friends “Hey, check this out, this is me on a Cayman S!”

[ Porsche’s 2M Fans ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]