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Non-Emotional Christmas Cards For The Thoughtful, But Not Sentimental, Reveler


Look, it’s the Holidays and maybe you want to show your friends that you care enough about them to buy them a Christmas card, but not quite enough to wish them a “Happy” one? I mean, maybe their life is shitty right now and wishing them happiness would be out of line. Maybe spending days with annoying family members you see only once a year doesn’t make you feel very “happy”. Or maybe you just want to wish them a crappy Christmas, but can’t bring yourself to do it. There are, in fact, many scenarios where this Non-Emotional Christmas card would fit right in. Printed on 110lb cover stock French Paper and paired with gumdrop green envelopes, these cards wish you to simply “Have a Christmas”. A pack of 6 will set you back $19.

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This Deck Is Sizzling: Bacon Recipes Playing Cards

Bacon Recipes Playing Cards

Bacon, recipes, and playing cards. Put all three together and you’ve got these Bacon Recipes Playing Cards. You’ll be treated to card upon card printed with a heaping pile of bacon on the back, while the opposite side gives you bacon-centric recipes that should be a breeze to put together. The deck measures 2 1/2-inches x 3 1/2-inches and comes with a linen finish.

It’s available online for about $10.

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Minimalistic Playing Cards


Ever ask yourself why it’s necessary for playing cards to be covered in ornamental drawings? If you really think about it, a typical set of cards is pretty gaudy; we understand there’s a strong connection to royalty and the like, but how necessary is it? Joe Doucet designed the above set, and it’s called Minim. It came about by wondering just how many design elements could be taken away from a regular deck of cards, while still retaining full functionality. The result is the above, where each suit is represented by a simple geometric shape, and the back of the card is marked with a single diagonal line. It’s a clean and elegant design, and we’d be happy to play with them, if only they were available… The $10 set is apparently sold out, and we have no idea when they’ll get more.

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‘You Suck At Parking’ Business Cards


We’ve all seen ‘that guy’ with the Hummer, parking between spots like he owns the place. It’s infuriating, not the least of which because ‘that guy’ is usually not around for you to glare at and at least have a shot at letting him know just how pissed off you are. But if you’d been carrying these cool business cards, it would have taken you all of 5 seconds to send a clear message, just by slipping one under his wipers. You’d then be free to go inside your store and smugly shop, with the comforting knowledge that in a few minutes someone is going to get insulted, and you won’t even have to confront face to face.

It’s $5 for a 10 pack.

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Keep Cards Like a Boss: Mini Briefcase Business Card Case

Mini Briefcase Card Case

This looks just like one of those briefcases that the girls on Deal or No Deal brandish until their number is called and they have to open it to reveal the amount within. However, the only thing you’ll find when you flip this open are business cards, because that’s the only thing that’ll fit inside it.

Pictures don’t lie, but they can be pretty deceiving. For instance, what you see above is actually the Mini Briefcase Business Card Case, which looks just like the regular-sized version at first glance.

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Augmented Reality Gives Greeting Cards a Virtual Facelift

Augmented-reality greeting cards

Greeting cards have been around for decades. It’s time they got an upgrade, don’t you think?

That’s what tech company DAQRI is trying to do with their Gizmo Kickstarter project. They look like typical greeting cards…until you point your tablet towards it. Instead of seeing the plain card on your screen, it’ll literally come to life with a short but fun interactive animation. The cards can be customized depending on the occasion or event being celebrated, including birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s day.

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This Is The Valentine’s Day Card To Get


It might be a bit too late to purchase this card, but hey, any enterprising young man (or woman) could conceivably make their own copy with a few art class tools, no? And we certainly endorse it with much more enthusiasm than your usual crop of corny, schmaltzy, puke-inducing Hallmark creations. Being in love is great and all that, but who wants to be one half of that touchy-feely, lovey-dovey couple everybody hates?

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These Literal ‘Go Fish’ Cards Let You Play Go Fish and Then Some

Literal GoFish

You can play Go Fish with any standard deck of cards, but I reckon it’s going to be bit funner if you play it with these literal Go Fish cards. By literal, I mean that each card in the deck features the image of a fish or some other aquatic species. Not only does the text on each teach you how to identify the sea creature if you happen to come across it in the deep blue sea, but it also contains instructions on how you’re supposed to prepare and cook each one for a (hopefully) filling and satisfying meal.

Hit the break for a closer look at one of the cards.

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Your Future Doesn’t Stand a Chance with these Zombie-Themed Tarot Cards

Zombie Tarot Cards

I had my cards read a couple of years ago and it was a mix of good and bad things to come. Fortunately for me, none of the bad things have materialized yet. Unfortunately for me, neither have the good stuff. Not that I really believe in fortune tellers and tarot card readers, although I find what they do (or what they claim to do) pretty intriguing.

Zombies are huge these days and even tarot cards can’t escape this fact–and I’ve got proof that comes in the form of these zombie-themed tarot cards. Instead of the usual suits, these feature images of the undead and the living dead that more or less ensures that you’ll have a pretty bad future either way.

Hit the break for more images of these cards.

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