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SodaStream Mix Injects Bubbles Into Your Cocktails


Machines like the SodaStream, which do nothing more than carbonate your water, are of dubious utility in a world where a can of Coke costs next to nothing. That might be why the company has apparently decided to create the SodaStream Mix, an “adult version” of the same machine. Instead of carbonating your water only, this connected device is able to fizz up any alcoholic drink you want; it will adjust its carbonation levels based on the viscosity of the mix you insert. You just have to swipe through the many recipes available, pick the one you’re making, and insert your flat liquid only to have to come out nice and bubbly a few minutes later. There’s no word on price or availability.

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Who Wants To Pay For Bottled Fizzy Water When You Can Pay To Make Your Own At Home?

Perrier, San Pellegrino, Voss… they’re all fine sparkling waters. And they’re all expensive. And think about it, you’re paying for H2O and CO2 mixed together, then bottled in some glass. It’s ridiculous, and yet we’re happy to pay. We say that might change if you get a chance to make your own at home. The Sodastream Revolution lets you do just that. Take your flat water, stick it under the nozzle and select any of four carbonation levels: low, medium, hight and “turbo”. We’re not sure what happens when you pick turbo, but it sounds exciting. An LED screen will keep you updated on the carbonation process and on how much CO2 is left in your tank, which unfortunately has to be bought from Sodastrea directly. Still, in the long run and especially if you’re a large volume drinker of sparkling water, you’ll end up saving money and be responsible for less waste.

It’s $200.

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