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OhGizmo! Review – Carmen By Livio

By Chris Scott Barr

If you’re a tech-savvy consumer, it’s not hard to find ways to get your favorite music into your car without relying on FM radio stations. MP3 players are generally the most popular, but you’ve also got satellite radio, HD radio and other options as well. However, if you’re terrified of technology and have no desire to install new hardware into your vehicle, your selections are limited. That’s where the Carmen by Livio comes in.

The Carmen is designed to be a very simple way to get the music you want into your car, without all of the hassle. The idea is simple, you plug in the device to your computer, select a music genre and start capturing music from one of over 42,000 stations streaming online. Once you’ve captured your fill of audio, you take the device to your car and plug it in. Tune your radio to the proper frequency, and your music plays. The question is whether or not it lives up to those expectations.

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Bringrr Ensures That You Never Leave Your Phone At Home

By Chris Scott Barr

Cell phone have, for better or worse, become an important part of our daily lives. Which is why it really sucks when you get somewhere, only to realize your phone is sitting at home, miles away. I’ve found my own way around that, as I use mine to play all of the music in my car, so I notice right away if I’ve left it in the house. However, if you prefer to listen to the radio, that’s not a viable solution. Instead, you might consider this rather simple device.

Bringrr is a small Bluetooth accessory that detects when your phone is nearby. If you start your car and the phone isn’t present, it will emit a sound to let you know. It’s small, rather cheap ($35) and helps to ensure that you never leave home (or anywhere else, for that matter) without your phone.

[ Bringrr ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Send Google Maps Destinations To Your Ford Vehicle

By Chris Scott Barr

Having a GPS in my car is great for those times when I’m visiting a new city. It tells me the most efficient way to get to where I need to be. When I want to find something to eat, or a specific store, I can just look it up on my phone, find the address and then type it into the GPS unit. Actually, that is something of a pain. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just press a button and send the address to your GPS, rather then manually typing it in? If you have a SYNC-equipped Ford car, you’ll soon be able to do just that.

Ford is getting ready to roll out an update called “Send to SYNC” which will allow you to send information from Google Maps directly to the car. You’ll be able to pull up a restaurant on your iPhone, laptop, or even your home computer, and then send the address to your car. Once you’re ready to take off, the car will guide you to your predetermined destination. Now if we could just get this sort of functionality out of standalone GPS units.

[ Ford ] VIA [ DailyTech ]

GPS Angel Helps You Avoid Red Light Cameras And Speed Traps


By Chris Scott Barr

For years people have been using radar detectors in their cars to avoid expensive speeding tickets. Those are great, but generally won’t protect you from automatic speed cameras and red light cameras. What you need is something with a database of current locations that house such cameras. For that, GPS Angel has released their new V4 Red Light Camera and Speed Camera detector.

The new GPS Angel device uses SiRF Star III GPS technology to pinpoint your location and run it against a database of known speed trap and red light camera locations. It then uses visual and audible alerts to warn you of them. You can even program it to alert you when you’re speeding through school zones, playgrounds and other high-risk areas where you can get penalized further for speeding.

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Swivel Car Tray Adds Some Class To Your Drive-Thru Meal


By Chris Scott Barr

Do you do a lot of eating in your car? If so, then you probably grow tired of digging around in the McDonald’s bag for those last few french fries. What you need is some sort of handy tray to set all of your food on before driving away. Well my friend, such a tray exists and it’s called the Swivel Car Tray.

First, I would never trust this thing to hold a juice box in place, regardless of what you see in the picture. Other than that, it probably is rather handy to have around, even if it does look a bit silly. I suppose you could simply take it out of the cup holder when you aren’t planning on stuffing your face on the freeway. If this sounds like something you could use, then pick one up for just $11.

[ CollectionsEtc ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Ford Sync Adds Wireless Hotspot Functionality Next Year


By Chris Scott Barr

Having a 3G card can come in handy when one is traveling long distances. I know that mine came in handy this past summer when I drove across the country and back. Of course if you’re in a car with multiple people with laptops, wouldn’t it be nice to share that wonderful internet? Ford thinks so, and is planning on making that an option with their next generation of Sync.

With the next version of Sync, Ford will allow you to plug in a 3G card (via USB) and have it broadcast the signal via Wi-Fi. Since you won’t want outsiders leeching off of your connection, you’ll have access to the same security measures as any other wireless router. As an added level of security, all new wireless devices must first be confirmed by the driver before they are allowed on the network. Look for this feature to debut on Ford cars sometime next year.

[ Ford ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Chevy Volt Owners Will Be Able To Interact With Their Car Via iPhone, Blackberry


By Chris Scott Barr

Next year those people anxiously awaiting the new Chevy Volt will finally get their hands on it (barring any delays). In addition to having an awesome electric car, they’ll also have a cool way to interact with it remotely. That’s right, iPhone and Blackberry users will have the ability to link up with their car using their phone of choice.

So far it seems that the only current features will be controlling when the Volt is charged, and being able to tell just how much juice it has at any given time. Seeing that they still have a long time before the car is due out (currently late 2010), we should hopefully see more features added to the phone apps.

[ GM-Volt ] VIA [ Dvice ]

OhGizmo! Review – Alpine iDA-X305


By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to listening to music in your car, you have a lot of options these days. Satellite radio, AM/FM stations, CDs, and MP3 players can all give you access to your favorite tunes. With the popularity of the iPhone, many people like to utilize it for their in-car listening pleasure. Unfortunately if you’re looking for a truly integrated solution, you’ll find that you have few options.

I personally use a Sony head unit which features an iPod adapter. In order to get it to play nicely with my iPhone, I rely on a special adapter from Scoche which does the trick. It gets the job done, so long as you aren’t searching out specific songs or artists to listen to. The controls are clunky at best and barely functional at worst. Most of the time I have to unplug the iPhone, find the artist or song I was looking for, start a song, then plug it back in. I finally became fed up with it, and have started on a search for a better solution. Apline was kind enough to endulge me by letting us test out their iDA-X305 stereo. Read on for my full review.

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GM Brings WiFi Access To Your New Vehicle


By Chris Scott Barr

There are some people in this world that need to be connected to the internet at all times. Sure, I’m an internet junkie, but I don’t think I’d ever go so far as to install a permanent WiFi hotspot in my car. GM announced that they will soon start offering Autonet, an always-on wireless internet solution for your car.

The device can be installed in your new van, SUV, truck or crossover starting later this month. Installation will set you back $499, while service is going to cost $29 a month with a 1GB cap. There is also a 5GB package, though no price was listed. The WiFi signal will reach up to 150 feet away, so you won’t be limited to using it just in your car. Great, now kids can check their Facebook and watch YouTube on long car rides. All my brother and I had was one GameBoy to fight over.

[ GM ] VI A [ CrunchGear ]