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Here’s A Marshmallow Crossbow


How badly do you want to be able to shoot marshmallows 60 feet across? Would you pay $90 for a crossbow designed specifically for that purpose? No? Well, that’s how much the folks at Litchfield are asking for the item you see above. There’s no information on build materials or, or anything other than price and function, really. But there you have it, a $90 Marshmallow Crossbow that shoots the delicious doughy cylinders as far as 60 feet away.

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Looks Good, Tastes Worse: Gravy-Flavored Candy Canes

Gravy Candy Cane

Don’t be the Grinch this year– be the seasonal prankster instead! Spread the love, cheer, and laughs by handing out these gravy-flavored candy canes to friends and loved ones. It’s the holidays, so they’ll still love you even though you just gave them a taste of the weirdest flavor of candy canes they’ve ever tasted. Have a little fun and mix it up with regular peppermint candy canes. You’ll only need to look at their faces to figure out if they were unlucky enough to pick the gravy canes.

These gravy-flavored candy canes are available for $6+. Pickle-flavored candy canes are also available, if you feel like being even more cruel.

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The Confectionary Cannon Shoots Marshmallows Straight Into Your Mouth


Because what’s the point of going to engineering school if you can’t make a rig that shoots candy into your mouth, amirite? Well, a team of students at Olin College have created just that, and they called it the Confectionary Cannon. With a budget of $250, they took “four servos, a webcam, a solenoid and an Arduino Uno to make up the electrical system, which uses Python and OpenCV”, and created a device that’ll make anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of tech salivate just a little. Face recognition software looks for your mouth and the press of a button delivers the goods. Yeah, it doesn’t look like it has the most perfect accuracy in the world, but a little head movement on your part should be enough to bite down on the flying sugar.

No, it’s not available for purchase, but knowing that it can be made for that little money must mean some business minded person somewhere is working on it, right? Right?

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CES 2014: Eye Candy? ChefJet 3D Prints 3D Confectionery


3D printing has come a long way since its advent. Food printers are something that a lot of people have been working on (given the high demand and interest in these devices), as are candy printers. For the latter, 3D Systems is all too happy to introduce the ChefJet Pro, which they unveiled at CES 2014.

Two different models were announced: the ChefJet Pro (under $10,000), which will be able to print colorful 3D confectionery, and the ChefJet 3D (under $5,000), which can only print monochrome treats.

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Healthy Sweets? Vegetable Candy in Green Beans, Carrots, and Corn Flavors

Vegetable Candy

Can’t get your kids to eat their greens? Want something healthier than bacon candy to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then check out this tin of Fresh Vegetable Candy from McPhee.

Each can is filled with an assortment of hard candy in three delectable-to-vegans-and-vegetarians flavors: green beans, carrots, and corn. So they probably don’t contain much nutrients because you’d have to eat the actual, unprocessed veggies for that, but it’s a neat treat to give kids so they’ll get used to the taste of these healthy greens and oranges.

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How to Turn a Hard Drive Into a Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Hard Drive

The things that you can do with an old hard drive is virtually limitless. If it’s beyond repair, then you can have it taken apart and salvaged for parts. You could sell the components, or use it to create hard drive works of art, like the Shadow of the Colossus hard drive. If you’re not very artsy, then you could mod it so you can use it as a paper weight, door stopper, or a book end.

However, if you’re particularly handy with tools and have a sweet tooth, then you might want to embark on a little DIY project and turn it into a cotton candy machine instead.

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The Cake Hotel: A Sweet Escape for One Night Only

Cake Hotel

Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house has got nothing on the Cake Hotel. For one, the witch-made house in their story obviously can’t hold up to harsh outdoor conditions. It has pretty crappy interiors, too, considering the fact that it was pretty bare except for a huge oven (or cauldron–depending on which version of the story you’re reading) where the kids were supposed to be cooked in.

On the other hand, the Cake Hotel put up by refinery Tate and Lyle Sugars is all about comfort and luxury. The lush room was decorated with elaborate and edible trimmings and furnishings, with vanilla sponge cushions propped up on the bed and a hand-stitched meringue rug that you’re supposed to chew on, now walk on.

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Pandora’s Pops Promises a Scintillating Valentine’s With Their Aphrodisiac Lollipops

Pandora Pops1

Pandora’s Pops offers sinfully sweet lollies that pack an aphrodisiac punch, making them perfect for this Valentine’s or all year round, really, in case you need a little push to become a better lover. If you’re just in it for the sweets, then Pandora’s also got you covered since they offer non-aphrodisiac lollipops as well.

Pandora’s claims that their aphrodisiac pops ‘increase sexual interest, erotic intelligence, and reproductive capacity’ while tasting ‘delicious, exotic, and warming.’ I don’t know if they have any proof behind those claims, but I guess we’ll all just have to give it a try to find out. Either that, or wait for someone else to sample the pops and give their review.

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Edible Deodorant Candy Fights Body Odor From the Inside

Deodorant Candy

It looks like we’ve got a lot of oddly edible stuff in our line-up for today. First up was the edible iPhone 5 case that was more of a snack treat than an actual iPhone case. Next in line are these sugar-free Deo perfume candies that claim to get rid of body odor (or at least mask it with the scent of perfume) if you take the recommended serving for your body weight.

It sounds weird, but that’s what it says on the packaging. So how does it work? It basically contains a rose oil that exudes an aromatic compound called geraniol, which will evaporate through your skin a couple of hours after you take it. Reviews say that the candy doesn’t taste awesome, and putting on deodorant isn’t exactly the hardest thing to do in the world, so I’m a little skeptical about these perfume candies.

But then again, they’re currently sold out online for now, so who knows?

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