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Planetary Lollipops Look Too Good To Eat


You guys sure seem to like planetary-themed things. Just take a look at how many of you liked these planetary glasses and Christmas Tree Ornament Set. So we imagine the Planetary Lollipops pictured above will find at least a couple of fans among you. They’re sold in sets of 6, so it’s not like you can get a full solar system. But the planets you will receive apparently feature clearly visible designs, and taste adequately; taste isn’t, after all, the main appeal of these things. It’s $14.50 for a set, and the Easy page they’re being sold on is chock full of positive reviews. Each pop is 1 inch in diameter.

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Would You Suck On This DeathStar?


Because it’s a lollipop. That’s why you’d maybe consider sucking on it. It’s a nice looking lollipop shaped like the DeathStar.

The mold I use is unique and hand crafted, allowing for no seams. Each side is poured independently and is completely smooth all the way around. The front of the lollipop is a proprietary blend of Isomalt, Sugar and Corn Syrup. This blend produces supurb clarity. The backside is poured with a mixture of corn syrup and sugar, color black.
Length including stick is about 5″ and weight is 1.2oz each. Flavor is Marshmallow.

Handcrafted candies don’t come cheap, but we think they novelty alone is worth the $13 for 6 price tag. The artist also has lollies shaped like other things, such as the Eye of Sauron.

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Ghost Pepper Spicy Watermelon Candies Could Have Been Awesome

By David Ponce

These hard candies taste like watermelon mixed in with Bhut Jolokia pepper powder. That pepper is also known as the Ghost Pepper and was until recently considered the world’s spiciest. That combination alone sounded pretty enticing, although the inclusion of the Bhut jolokia was really the intriguing part. After all, it was only last February that we were reporting on Timmy’s Great Balls of Fire, candy also coated with the famous pepper. Today’s candy appeared to one-up Timmy’s balls with the inclusion of the sweet watermelon flavour that we hoped would provide a mildly mellow counterpoint to the hellish fire of the Ghost pepper. But reading the description is making us think that there’s barely any pepper there at all. Maybe just enough to be able to get away with saying it’s there; if three out of four staffers at the retailer that sells it were able to survive the experience, they’re clearly not getting a full ghost pepper production. Still, maybe as a tame introduction to the world of the super peppers, the Spicy Watermelon candies could be interesting. It’s $6 for a pack of 16-18, but they’re temporarily sold out.

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