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Instant Happiness: Chocolate Cake in a Can

Chocolate Cake In A Can

Life can get pretty rough sometimes, but there’s no problem that a caring friend, a warm hug, or a slice of chocolate cake can’t solve. But why have just one if you can have all three? Not everyone has baking skills, but most people should find pouring water into a can simple enough–and that’s exactly all anyone has to do to “bake” the Food Ministry’s Cake in a Can.

They’re available in a bunch of yummy flavors, from classic chocolate and coffee to red velvet and chili chocolate. Each can contains a cake mix that’s measured to make a single cake, simply by adding water. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Cake in a Can is available online for £5 (about $9).

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Not-so-Fine Dining at Its Worst? 12-Course Meal in a Can

12Course in a Can

Are you so hungry that you could eat a horse? Yeah, I’m sure you’ve felt that way at least a couple of times already in your life. So what happened next? In my case, I usually sit down and have a really big meal, only to feel incredibly nauseous by the time I’m done. I’ve never had a 12-course meal though and I don’t plan to try one soon, but if you’re up to it, then you might want to try All In One.

It’s a 12-course-meal-in-a-can made by design student Christopher Godfrey. It’s essentially a feast that you can eat, straight from the can.

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There’s Nothing Sly About Sly Fox’s Topless Beer Cans

Topless Beer Can

Isn’t it a pain to drink beer or soda from a can and chug it down quickly so you can get to your next sip? You could use a glass, but then that would take some of the fizz out of your drink. The solution? Cans with tops that come off completely so you can sip your drink from the can as if it were a glass.

Not many companies are doing this, but the Sly Fox Brewing Company is and we think it’s a great idea. Head brewer Brian O’Reilly explains that the modification “allows the full flavor and aroma of the beer to hit the drinker’s senses.” The special lid can only be found on the company’s Helles Golden Lager, which is available across their Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey distribution area.

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Organic Dehydrated Water: Gluten-Free, No MSG, and For Fools Only

Organic Dehydrated Water

There’s a reason why you should pay attention to labels. Most health buffs these days pick ‘organic’ options where they’re available, while those on a particular diet look for products marked ‘gluten-free.’ But for the ultimate ‘healthy’ treat, I invite you to give organic dehydrated water a shot. It’s free from MSG, it doesn’t contain any gluten, and it’s fresh and definitely not made from concentrate, if you’re worried about that.

Oh, and in case you missed the part about it being dehydrated water, then you fit the target market for these tins–the fools market, that is.

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It Pays to Have a Financial Crisis Survival Kit–You Never Know When You’ll Need It!

Crisis Survival

How many times have you been told to ‘save for a rainy day’? Well, stop putting it off and start saving today. Stop buying stuff you don’t really need and start depositing that money into your bank account. As for all the loose change that you might end up having, feel free to drop them into your very own Financial Crisis Survival Kit.

Despite its name, it’s not really a kit. In fact, it’s just a fancy can with a blinged out label, but hey, if it starts getting you into the habit of saving, then why not?

It’s available from Curiosite for 8,80€ (or about $12.)

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