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Camera Armor Keeps Your DSLR Safe

By Chris Scott Barr

I have a DSLR, and let me tell you, carrying around something as bulky and expensive as that can be terrifying. Slung around one shoulder and hanging just above my hip, that thing is just one smacked wall away from destruction. Granted, I’ve had it for almost three years now, and it has only managed to take a couple of small scratches from my clumsiness. However, it would be nice if there were a better way to protect it, without keeping it stashed in a protective carrying case.

One company does offer a solution unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s a silicon body armor for your camera, along with a protective armor ring for your lens and cover for your LCD. Each piece of armor is specifically designed for a different camera model, making sure that it is a perfect fit. It might not help it survive in a particularly crushing impact, but everyday bumps and smacks might have a lessened effect on your camera if it has one of these. The best part is that the armor only costs $40. I’d say that’s well worth the money.

[ Camera Armor ] VIA [ PetaPixel ]

Pentax To Release Special Robot K-r DSLR

By Chris Scott Barr
You know what’s missing from most DSLRs? Robots. That’s right, I said robots. Granted, I say that about pretty much everything, so it’s safe to say that I’m a little biased. Thankfully someone over at Pentax is running on the same wavelength, because they’re releasing a special edition K-r DSLR that is robot-themed.

Sadly, this is not what I expected from a robot DSLR. I get the color scheme, as it’s taken from a rather famous ‘bot over in Japan. What I really don’t get is why the face and details are drawn on with a marker. I mean, if I’m going to shell out $1,200 for one of these, I’d like someone to take the time to draw some straight lines.

[ Pentax ] VIA [ Crunchgear ]

microRemote Gives You Complete Control Of Your Camera From Afar


By Chris Scott Barr

I have a DSLR and enjoy taking pictures now and then, but I’m far from being a professional. Those people always seem to have a million and one accessories to help them get the perfect shot. If you’re one of those people, then you might find interest in this latest gadget from RedRock Micro.

The microRemote is an iPhone holder that will allow you to remotely control your camera from afar, while using the phone to display relevant information. While being able to adjust things such as aperture, and f-stops remotely isn’t exactly new, I’ve not seen anything quite like the DSLR focus controller. The knob you see on the side will actually allow you to adjust the image focus. It’s going to be the closest thing to actually holding your camera, without being anywhere near it. Look for it on sale sometime this summer for a whopping $1,000.

[ RedRock Micro ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Spider Holster Keeps Your Camera Ready At Your Hip

By Chris Scott Barr

The other day I showed you a pretty cool way to carry a couple of cameras around. Considering how often I write about camera holders, it’s strange to find another one so soon. I’m sure that you’ve all seen those cell phone clips for your belt, the ones that have a post that attaches to the back of your phone. I had one for an older flip phone that worked great. Well take that same concept, apply it to a DSLR and you’ve got the Spider Holster.

It certainly looks like an interesting idea, though not without a few small issues. My biggest concern would be keeping my pants up with a heavy camera hanging from my belt Then of course there’s the problem of actually having a big heavy DSLR bumping into your hip as you walk along. Not only are you going to have a nice bruise by the end of the day, but your camera will no doubt take a beating as well. The Spider Holster should be making its debut this summer for an undisclosed price.

[ Spider Holster ] VIA [ Crave ]

Sony Unveils Three New Alpha DSLRs


By Shane McGlaun

I will admit that other than the PS3 I am not a fan of Sony products. I especially loathe Sony cameras, not because they aren’t cool and don’t work well, but because you have to use Sony proprietary memory card formats that cost much more than the good ‘ol SD cards other cams can use.

If you don’t mind Sony’s proprietary nature, the company has announced three new DSLR cameras including the a380, a330, and a230. The a230 and a330 cameras are both 10.2-megapixel joints with adjustable LCDs and more goodies. The a230 is hailed as the most compact and light DSLR available at only 15.9-ounces.

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Samsung Launches Ergonomic SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 Camcorders


By Shane McGlaun

I for one am glad that the majority of consumer video cameras available today have left tapes behind and moved to digital storage formats. That means instead of having boxes of cassette tapes sitting around the house gathering dust I can put all my home movies onto my computer or burn the easily to DVD.

Samsung has announced a pair of new ergonomic camcorders called the SMX-C14 and the SMX-C10. The two camcorders have the Touch of Color design that Samsung pioneered with its TVs. Both of the camcorders utilize Samsungs Active Angle Lens to make shooting video more comfortable.

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Bottle Cap Tripod Is A Must-Have For Amature Photographers

By Luke Anderson

How many times have you wanted to take a nice picture, but found that you really needed a tripod in order to pull it off? I rarely ever tote around a tripod, since my DSLR is cumbersome enough by itself. While I’ve seen several rather portable tripods, I’ve yet to see anything quite as interesting as this Bottle Cap Tripod.

Everyone close to me knows that I’m a big Mountain Dew drinker, so there’s a good chance that I have a bottle close by. Now if I just had one of these little caps in my pocket, I’d be all set. This tiny gadget screws into the tripod mounting screw hole on the bottom of your camera, then you slide it over a bottle cap. Sure, it’ll be a bit top-heavy, but in a pinch it would serve its purpose. For just $10, I’d say that it’s a worthwhile investment.

[ CharlesAndMarie ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

Camera For The Blind, Not As Ridiculous As It Sounds

By Jonathan Kimak

This news does seem a bit crazy when you hear about it, but once you read the details it actually sounds neat.

The Touch Sight camera, designed by Chueh Lee at Samsung, is a camera that takes pictures for the blind. The back of the camera has a flexible Braille display that will reproduce the picture in 3D, allowing the blind photographer to touch the photo. The camera also takes 3 seconds of the surrounding area’s sound and stores it with each photo so that their will be an auditory reference for managing the photos.

Users will be able to upload their photos to other Touch Sight owners who will be able to download the photos to their camera. The camera isn’t on the market yet but it will be interesting to see if it does make it to stores in the near future.

[ Yanko Design ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]