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What Franchise Fatigue? Black Ops II Hits $1 Billion Mark In 15 Days

Very few entertainment products (none, actually) generate quite as much revenue, quite as quickly as games. Specifically, nothing makes as much cash as the Call Of Duty games do. Activision recently announced that Black Ops II, the latest in the franchise, has surpassed the $1 Billion mark. It took them 15 days. For reference, the previous generation CoD game, Modern Warfare 3 took 16 days to reach the same spot. For reference, James Cameron’s Avatar took 17. Of course that was with the added attraction and (at the time) appeal of 3D and a bunch of hype.

Activision hasn’t shared its 5 day total, which last time was $775 million. This could point to slower initial sales than MW3, since we’ve no doubt they’d have bragged about it had they surpassed that record. One thing is clear however, there’s no franchise fatigue in sight and we’ll be waiting to hear if they manage to reach the milestone in 14 days the next time around.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Coming in November


by Shane McGlaun

If you are an avid PC gamer or console gamer who likes first person shooters, odds are that you have played a Call of Duty game before. The franchise started out in the World War II setting and by the fourth installment had made it to modern times.

I can honestly say that COD 4: Modern Warfare was the best title in the franchise in my opinion. The game has great graphics and had some of the best online multiplayer action to be had anywhere. When the most recent COD game came out and was in the WWII era again I was saddened. I hoped for another modern setting.

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