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Instant Happiness: Chocolate Cake in a Can

Chocolate Cake In A Can

Life can get pretty rough sometimes, but there’s no problem that a caring friend, a warm hug, or a slice of chocolate cake can’t solve. But why have just one if you can have all three? Not everyone has baking skills, but most people should find pouring water into a can simple enough–and that’s exactly all anyone has to do to “bake” the Food Ministry’s Cake in a Can.

They’re available in a bunch of yummy flavors, from classic chocolate and coffee to red velvet and chili chocolate. Each can contains a cake mix that’s measured to make a single cake, simply by adding water. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Cake in a Can is available online for £5 (about $9).

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D20 Cake Mold Brings D&D To The Dessert Table


You like Dungeons and Dragons. You also like cakes. Wouldn’t you just love it if you could combine the two? With the D20 Critical Hit Mini Cake Pan, you can do exactly that. It’s a silicone mold that makes makes 20-sided die, 4 at a time, each 3 inches across. It’ll work with any recipe, but anything with yeast will likely get better results because it’ll fill out the mold cavities. Once the cakes are out of the mold, just put some fondant on them and you’re good to go! It’s $13.

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Celebrate, Don’t Exterminate: Life-Sized Dalek Wedding Cakes

Lifesize Dalek Cake

If you’re getting hitched and want to do it in style, then you might consider breaking from the usual themes and traditions and going for something really loud and bold instead. And if you happen to be a Whovian, then what better way to celebrate than to make some of the Doctor’s worst enemies a part of your party?

Daleks. I’m talking about life-sized Dalek cakes, like the ones a couple had Dinkeydoodle Designs make. One Dalek was the groom (cute tophat!) while the other one was the bride (it wouldn’t have been the bride without the veil.)

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This Animated Video Game Wedding Cake Takes the Cake

At first glance, this cake looks pretty plain and ordinary. It’s the cake that bakers bake by default for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries: white, tiered, with minimal frosting. But this particular one by Meals for Reals in cooperation with Posh Entertainment is by no means one of those typical cakes. Because plain as it may be in broad daylight, it’s transformed into a canvas when the lights are out.

In this particular instance, the couple chose to project a montage of video games and how they’re played, including Donkey Kong and a bunch of classic arcade games. If video games aren’t your thing, then you could maybe have videos of how the proposal went down or something to that end.

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Til Death Do Us Part: Bride of Chucky Wedding Cake

Bride of Chucky Cake

Some love stories end happily ever after while others eventually (and unfortunately) become horror stories. Let’s just hope the wedding cake the couple chose won’t be indicative of the kind of marriage they’ll have, as in the case of the newlyweds who had the Little Cherry Cake Company make them a Bride of Chucky wedding cake.

It’s bloody, horrific, and all sorts of scary, with Chucky and his bride sitting on top of three tiers of cake. Hit the break for another view of the cake and close-up views of the details.

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Can You Stomach This? Maggot Cupcake with Mango-Flavored Pus


So this is a particularly disgusting cupcake that would be perfect for Halloween. I think few would have the stomach to actually eat it, given how it’s presented–but then, isn’t that the entire point?

It’s a plain-looking cupcake at first sight, since it’s topped with a simple flesh-colored fondant with not much extra decor. But when you spot the protruding, off-white thing in the middle and look at it more closely, the tweezers they handed you earlier suddenly makes sense and you find yourself pulling that little maggot out, unplugging a pus-filled hole in the process. Ewww!

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This Chalkboard Cake and Chalk are Both Edible

Edible Cake and Chalk

This definitely takes the cake. Frankly, it takes cakes to the next level. I mean, where else will you see a chalkboard-inspired cake that you can actually write on, with edible chalk?

So the chalk isn’t actual chalk and the layer covering the cake isn’t what covers actual chalkboards either. Rather, that’s just black fondant with powdered sugar dusted all over covering the cake underneath, while the chalk is made using white candy melts. It makes for a pretty cool and awesome illusion, doesn’t it?

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Millennium Falcon With Real Spice In It

By Jonathan Kimak

Does that Millennium Falcon look like the latest and greatest highly detailed collectible? Because this one would have to stay in your freezer to stay good, because it’s a cake. It was created by Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, owned by Duff Goldman .

Sys admin Michael Biven , who will now be known as one of the greatest brothers a guy could have, suprised his brother Brian with this birthday cake this past weekend. The cake will also be part of an episode of Ace of Cakes on the food network in September.

And if you’re in the Baltimore area and want an awesome cake you should consider Charm City Cakes (they’ve also made a Star Destroyer and Deathstar cake).

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