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MagicalButter Machine Makes Weed Butter For Fantastic Brownies


Making your own weed butter at home is no simple task. Your dwelling usually ends up smelling really strong, and it’s just a generally somewhat labor intensive process. Not so with the MagicalButter MB2. Looking somewhat like a teapot, you simply have to drop your herbs in, some butter, and press a button. The machine takes care of the rest, producing THC-infused butter which you’re then free to use in your various recipes. Magic cookies? Check. Magic caramel-wrapped stick of butter, Homer Simpson-style? Check.

Granted, it’s a little expensive at $175. But if you’re stayed away from baking your own magical goods because of the effort required to make the butter, here’s your solution. Incidentally, the MB2 is not restricted to making butter, but can also make oils and tinctures, is self-cleaning, and doesn’t look like anything a stoner might use. This way you can go somewhat incognito, if that’s your thing.

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Spreading Cold Butter Just Became Possible


There are few things more frustrating than ripping a piece of bread apart with a chink of cold, hard butter. Solutions normally range from a quick stint in the microwave, to leaving it out of the fridge overnight, to using a newfangled bodyheat butter knife. This particular solution does seems to have them all beat, however. The ButterUp Knife has a string of grating holes that turn that hard butter into easily spreadable ribbons of salty dairy fat. Just run the knife atop your block of butter, and spread as you normally would.

It’s around $11, although you’ll now have to wait until March 2015 to get yours since the Kickstarter went through the roof and all the earlier batches are now sold-out.


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Spreadthat Butter Knife Uses Body Heat to Spread That Butter

Spreadthat Butter Knife

Butter isn’t the easiest thing to spread on a bagel if you just grabbed the tub from the fridge. The good news, butter lovers, is that it now gets easier with the Spreadthat Butter knife. It’s a futuristic-looking butter knife that’s coated in titanium. Aside from making the knife look cooler than the average, it also serves the purpose of conducting and transfering heat from your hand onto the blade. That way, the butter, jam, chocolate, or whatever it is you want to spread melts and in turn, becomes easier to spread.

The Spreadthat Butter Knife is available for $20.

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Self-Heating Knife: 1 Cold Butter: 0

By David Ponce

We live in a pampered society where we get to gripe about our first world problems. High up on that list is cold, hard butter and that delicious toast awaiting its flavour enhancer. How are you to get the butter on the toast? Enter the Toastie Knife, invented by bread maker Warburtons in the UK. A heating element inside the blade heats up at the touch of a button and reaches a temperature of 41.8 degrees Celsius (107.2 F) in 20 seconds. This is apparently the optimal butter-spreading temperature and should have you covering a slice in all of 30 seconds.

The knife is just a prototype at the moment and there’s no word on when or even if it’ll be commercialized. But knowing it exists goes a long way to reassuring us that even the dumbest of our rich society problems will be taken care of eventually. Next on our wish list: some system that prevents the shower curtains from touching you as you shower.

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