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Check Out These ‘Magic: The Gathering’-Inspired Business Cards

The Gathering Business Card

There are geeks, there are realtors– and then there are geeky realtors like Donna who represent the best of both worlds. It takes more than just determination and persistence to make a sale these days, so she decided to win over clients and potential buyers by becoming a legendary creature in her own right.

Instead of handing out plain old boring business cards, she customized a set inspired by Magic: The Gathering to make players and non-MTG players pay attention.

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Keep Cards Like a Boss: Mini Briefcase Business Card Case

Mini Briefcase Card Case

This looks just like one of those briefcases that the girls on Deal or No Deal brandish until their number is called and they have to open it to reveal the amount within. However, the only thing you’ll find when you flip this open are business cards, because that’s the only thing that’ll fit inside it.

Pictures don’t lie, but they can be pretty deceiving. For instance, what you see above is actually the Mini Briefcase Business Card Case, which looks just like the regular-sized version at first glance.

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DIY Business Cards That Light Up When Passed Out Will Definitely Catch Everyone’s Attention

Touch-Enabled Business Card

The point in handing out business cards is to get people to get back to you. Hopefully, you made a good enough first impression to the person you handed it out to. But in case you didn’t, then you can let your card do the work for you. All it takes is a little ingenuity, a higher-than-usual budget for cards, and some skills–much like the ones Jay Kickliter has when he came up with his DIY electronic business cards that light when it’s touched.

Jay created the calling cards for a job fair and used a capacitive touch printed circuit board to build the whole thing. It’s a creative way to show off your skills if your line of work is connected to electronics. Jay is happy to teach anyone interested in making their own cards and has published instructions on how to do it on his site.

Hit the break to check out a video of the business cards in action–or rather, in circulation.

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