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Bubble Wrap Suit: An Outfit That Pops!

Look popping, not smashing, when you don the Bubble Wrap suit over whatever it is you’re currently wearing. It’s a suit made from bubble wrap that you can actually pop–although you probably shouldn’t, because you’ll only end up with a deflated suit at the end of the day. The blazer comes with a hood and Velcro closure, while the pants have an elastic waistband to so you’re snug and comfy.

Or, well, as snug and comfy as you’ll ever be in a bubble wrap suit.

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Keep On Poppin’: Everlasting Bubble Wrap iPhone Case

Bubble Wrap Case

Here’s a quick tip on what you can do if you’re stressed: pop bubble wrap. It sounds silly, but it actually works for many people, yours truly included. There’s just something therapeutic about popping bubble wrap when so many things are going wrong (ie. crappy day at work, bank account got hacked, there’s no more milk in the fridge…)

It seems wasteful, since bubble wrap is a non-renewable commodity. Or is it?

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Remember the Bubble Wrap Space Suit from ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ Well, It’s Here!

Bubble Wrap Suit

I can’t believe the amount of stupidity moviemakers managed to cram into Dude, Where’s My Car? Among a host of gags is the part with Zoltan and his gang of bubble wrap-suit wearing followers. If you’ve ever wanted to own one of these suits but were too lazy to make one yourself, then now’s your chance to get it for cheap.

Similar bubble wrap suits are priced at about $60, while you can get this one for a measly $14.99. Just be careful when you put it on though, because you don’t all the bubbles to pop before you get a chance to show it off to fellow geeks and movie aficionados.

Hit the break for a look at the full suit.

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