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Women Fashionably Dressed as Web Browsers

Women Browsers


These women are web browsers, personified. Inspired by the logos of various web browsers, photographer Viktorija Pashuta came up with this creative series of women dressed up in outfits that bear the same color palette on the logos. From Internet Explorer and Safari to Firefox and Google Chrome, each model is totally rocking their browser looks.

Internet Explorer is my least favorite browsers, although I love this browser’s fashion ensemble best. On the other hand, I don’t care much for Google Chrome’s look, although it’s the only browser I use these days. Now isn’t that ironic?

Hit the break to check out each of the images in the gallery up close.

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‘Hey Girl’ App Puts Ryan Gosling’s Mug On Every Website You Visit

Hey Girl

Tired of seeing pictures of your friend’s babies or pets on your Facebook feed? Annoyed at all the selfies and “candid” shots model wannabes are posting on Instagram? You can either unfriend them all or quit social media indefinitely–or you could drown yourself in some Ryan Gosling lovin’ by installing the Hey Girl extension on Chrome.

Hey Girl was created by Katherine Champagne under the direction of Kevin Solorio when the former was attending Dev Bootcamp Chicago. The name of the app was probably inspired by the numerous memes that are circulating all over the web, each of which features Gosling’s mug.

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